Monday, January 25, 2010

Lovers In Osaka

Osaka Sun Mix. Teh Best!!! Makes me all happy and flaily!!

So me sick, have an annoying stuffy nose! I feel so useless without it so horrible v.v BUT today will not be a gloomy blog! Even if my dad's being a butthole (thats so another story) XD hahaaaaaa!

Me and Skeleton made up. I got to hold him!! It felt so right!! He even cried with me..I feel special that I was able to witness him letting some of it out. I wish I could cry. I mean a physics test made me cry and nothing else can!! I guess my fear of failure is pretty darn big. O__o HA! I LAFF AT YOU! I will overcome ^__^ so well Skeleton in his battle. I believe in him. I love that guy!! ^__^

Since when have hindu's been so darn cute O.o Old Rival and Mohinder as so not ugly O__O I mean dont think im being racist it's just that I've never looked at them that some chicks dont dig black dudes? (but I dated a oreo once *coughPosercough*) but yeah XD maybe it was the music...XD hahaaaaa (new laugh XD) but its all good ;D so funny today a sub thought me and Old Rival liked each other...why do we give off those vibes?! That and Mohinder is a nerd but a flirt. Rare combo. Awesome! Rumor has it he likes a shy nerd cutey. Cute valid gossip FTW XD

I love oranges!! Their my new favorite fruit!! But shhhh dont tell that to Apple..(was even my nickname back in freshmen year!)

Which reminds me! Im over the freshmen titling me "Heartless" (sometimes Heartless Bitch) Cuz bottom line is they don't know my story or what caused me to end up actually living up to the censored title. I told the fishy no and I'm glad. I didn't want to do something I felt forced to do. Hope he finds happiness by himself. Cuz depending on someone for it will never work. Tis life. You came 'ere alone and yer leavin' alone! Ain't need nobody! (Love that! XD)

Today we made bracelets in Colorguard class! It made me soo happy! Because it's been years since I've had made some with people who were actually interested in it. It was a mother/daughter thing waaay back when I was only child. Im trying to get my sister into it and later on my mom (again). Since it isn't working so far I enjoyed that it worked here! n-n

You can even see my new little gauge! (the other one is a two but I decided to match now)

Tis all I'm off to devour a orange! While listening to Osaka Sun Mix of course!

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