Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And an old volcano erupted. The End. :]

7th period. Last one of the day. Your hyper we're-almost-out period. Mine's a GET-ME-OUT-OF-HERE period. It's filled with people I know! Ya would think it's a good thing right? NO!! Ya see...Skeleton doesn't talk to me there because Gangsterlicious says he doesn't know how to handle me....that's my fault. I act rather schizo. around him XD; ahaha. Guess it doesn't help that we dated freshmen year v.v


So ya see Kitty and Doofus ( a new kid to me) well I feel unwanted by them shunned you can say, well to be specific it's Doofus. I guess I made a bad first impression? Kitty says he's like that to everyone but I have a gut feeling about it x_e ick. So I was left with a creepy band kid to help me (who stalked me last year) Which he actually did. but I noticed Skeleton and the duo and felt lonely....it was quite depressing.

What hit the spot was when Kitty said something about Bug Eyes (ex best friend; we become too different to stand each other. I annoyed her, and that annoyed me.) That she likes Amuse. Amuse is a very flirtatious boy who I texted during the break....and by accident grew a crush?Ahhhhhh!! This has happened before with Bug Eyes! Neither one ended up with the guy, simply because in the end I drifted away from him XD However I know that Amuse is never serious with what he says so I honestly wonder...bwuhahaha.

Listening to Queen - We will rock you. XD sha-weet!

Oh! I also remembered that with The Ocean, he'll never say he's sorry, XD we magically exchanged words today....I was happy. I do care about that little scumball. XD

Ah my aunt's food is heavenly, it brings me back to life! I managed to get myself over there today before Guard Practice! Reminding me of the good ole' days!! I see that Squirt (my lil sister :3) Also enjoys it too! Just thought i'd say it since well...she really did bring me back to myself simply with her food. I hope to visit her Monday!~ Or next Friday....oh how I wanna go back..

So in this entry I thought I would introduce Button. XD She got me into blogspot and for that I owe her quite alot! I feel like im bonding with her as I read her entries...wonder if Button feels the same? XD That and she saved my butt at lunch when Ocean was still being a jerk and said there was no room for me at the table. Cuz once I was there Button talked to me and I felt like I belonged. XD

Me and Gangsterlicious talked about love today. We both agree that its the first love inwhich you truly love because afterwards its the memory of that love that blueprints the rest of your relationships. So for that my dear readers, I can honestly say that a piece of my heart still belongs and lingers with Journey. (first love. Nuff said) And I guess I can openly admit it now. Uwah~

I can finally take a breathe knowing I have vented. Feels good. Hungry now, Byes!

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