Friday, January 8, 2010

Loneliness is a Bit**

Oh man XD So everything was SUPPOSE to get better correct? Ahahaha most horrible week ever XD!!

So, two of my band friends The Ocean and Evil Spawn (a best friends ;3) are mad at me. I cant even sit with them at lunch anymore. The are astoundingly good at making me feel invisible and ignoring my existence. I argued with them so its not totally their fault though im always apologizing....I refuse to scum to it anymore. Ehh...price for it? Becoming a loner XD!! I mean I can ignore them and act like they dont exist just to save myself from some extra pain but that doesn't mean it doesnt sting. I have no idea how this will end but I hope it gets fixed.

See I chose my band friends over my 'rocker' buds and we drifted apart so trying to get into their world is abit....iffy. It doesnt help that in 3 of my classes i dont know anyone either XD

But keep moving forward right? Things should straighten out in the end. If not my only escape is college, one and 1/2 more years before a completely new slate is available.

It's also amazing when the people you least expect step in and help pull you back up. Cuuuz...

After school I kinda cried after The Sun left but Mandi an awesome band chick got me out of my muck, making me go wild with a random sugar high XD Gah! I love her! Blondie Rocker also came in and helped pull me back up. It's amazing! Because I never imagined that they would come in and that THEY would be the ones to help me endure. Im thankful.

This Vid also made my day. XD

So, it's Saturday! And today is my cousins SECOND bachelors party XD whoa!!! So ima be all like "JIN IN TEH HOUSE!!!" XD Let's see how that goes ne?

And I called Evil Spawn. Guess she ignored that too. :x

Viva DJ Earworm!! XD

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  1. It's going to take me FOREVER to figure out who these people are XD HA! My verification word was bounci! lol