Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Home sweet....naaaah!

Im back.! I would sound more alive if the jet lag wasn't killing me. T___T I woke up at 4 AM (better then yesterday) and have been up since. I'm trying to do my summer homework but I just can't do it! Ahhhhhhh!

Anyways, Japan was amazing. I want to return asap. XD that might bring about interesting stories! I wish I could blog about everything but theres no way. meeeeeh!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Class of '10 :]

So! On the brink of me leaving graduation still is brewing greatness! XD I DID blow that loud horn when The Sun walked! Oh yeah!

I went to Travel Bud's (she is my loyal travel companion to japan :3) Graduation party the day before! It was fun to reconnect with the fellow seniors ^__^

(me and Travel Bud XD wee!)

Ta da! XD It was uber hot! I ended up going to another but no picture with the grad! Mainly because he is a conceited douche -__-; but its okay! I spent the time with X and box puzzle (had a uber minor crush on him)! The two are dating :o! Thats still abit funny to me but it'll pass!

Graduation! Here are so pictures of me and my senior buddies! They WILL be missed. They are better than some of my junior friends. How sad ._.

The Sun! She's the main reason I went, man I was so proud! She was Magna Cum Laude. Im trying to atleast grasp Cum Laude *panics!*

This is a colorguard buddy!

Here are some of my good rocker buds ^_^! Surprisingly enough the one of the right keep my faith strong when it would wither I owe him one!

That ish it! Today way the The Sun's Grad party, but I couldn't take any pictures! It was a water ballon fight. XD of massive proportions! There were so many balloons it was crazy! Though I will admit I hit some of the senior gals I didn't like. XD Huzzah! Squirt went too! I was glad to take her out before I leave! Tomorrow I shall spend it with her!

So about BCP. DARN THOSE LADIES AT THE PHARMACY! I had to get my refill because of the trip and when I told her what it was, I get it...a nasty look that brought me to tears. I honestly didn't know what was worse. That it brought me to tears or that she gave me that look. But whatever. That's a life lesson right? It better be.

Aside from that frenzy I got my haircut! Like Lightning from FF 13. Otaku right hur!! XD

XD Blurry pic! But I think came out good! Though it nu pink .w.

So this monday at 3:30 AM begins my trek! This will more than likely be my last blog till I return. I wonder what will await me there....n.n

Fun Fact!: I can't swim. This baffles me because I took lessons ._.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


On Wednesday Squirt graduated from the 5th grade! XD Time flies!! She's going to be a bandie like me next year and play the trumpet just like moi! I hope I can be of some use and teach her some basics...though right now my trumpet is in the shop and I can't practice this years music T__T scary!

This is Squirt with one of her besties! :3 She says I act like her sometimes...XD;
Walking into her classroom alot of her classmates knew me, XD I felt like a popstar!~
I also got to meet Squirt's crush....=w= what a cute little boy! Yay! XD

Aside from that my summer vacation has been Squirt and me being total otaku's -w-! Watching loads of anime and playing KH II! (wanna be refreshed before birth by sleep comes out on Sept. 7th!) I must say I think it's time well spent!

Today I will be going to two grad parties! Let's see how that goes! Im not much of a party person yet (parents are strict -.-;) Hopefully I'll post tomorrow ^__^

9 days till japan!!! I can't believe the countdown has begun!! O_O!!! Ah!

Well that's all I have to get ready!

Fun Fact: Im eager to try MAC but every time I go in, the sales person that helps me is always u mean or in a bad mood so I simply walk out, yay sephora! XD;

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Last Day being a Junior!

Uwah! So it's over! No more school till Aug.! I completed this small hell year! I am a Junior Theme Project Survivor! What am I honestly happy about though? Sleeping in! Hellz yeah! All that aside though , today I went in regular time to hang out with Button! Last night she called me her best friend!!! I was honestly shocked because I wasn't expecting that but I got so happy!! ^_^ hee hee!

Me and Button walked near the campus to a donut place! It was uber full but I got chocolate milk and a kolache :3 (those places are so cute!) we then walked to the band hall. Band Director #2 made us clean though...but guess who didn't clean? XD MOI! I simply walked around till the next exam because then The Sun would join us! :D Then off we went to...

Staples!!! Yes, THAT Staples. XD the beloved office supply store! The Sun and me are school supply fanatics and I had been yet to visit a Staples store so it was only natural! It was not boring at all!! We examined each section! We got to the signs...XD

Huzzah! This is The Suns shot!

And mine XD see when I'm around them it's okay to not worry about the pressures of a idiotic image :3

Button didn't take any *frown* but she did at a $2.00 sign on a webcam XD (darn! forgot to take a pic of it!) Wonder how many people will fall for it!

So as our little tour was coming to an end we saw it. Post-It Heaven in all its glory! Post-its save my life! My memory can be pretty crummy and so I post them along my mirror frame so that every time I pass by they'll nag at me. It works! I have yet to get my Caramel Frapp. v.v (a post-it reminder) XD
Ta-da! I look so dorky but it was all colorful and begging to go home with me. I resisted though but that was because..

They have a little stand where you can buy things in a little tub and stuff as much small supplies in it all for the convenient price of $6 bucks! We split the space and price and dug in!

Here are the girls happily choosing stuff! So we all agreed that experience was worth more than the supplies XD we were all giddy and thinking of how to maximize the amount of things we could fit in it! Yes we are nerds XD

In the end we even got a Staples card each! For we shall be back! (and my 2nd cousin works there :o)

So after that we went to Best Buy but that was no fun! So skip! Back to school we went. There I saw Gangsterlicious and Brother! We didn't get to hang out but that was okay, I understand that she wanted to be with her boo boo ;3

At school I spent the day in Professors class. We chatted, I organized her library and made her a letter and got lazy XD Her class was a haven for me during the year though. If something was wrong I knew I could go to her and she'd listen. She helped me and Gangsterlicious so much! She is like a big sister and KH sista! :3 This is a look into her room!

This is a view from her desk! From behind here I would flee too when Skeleton was being a jerk and from that podium Gangsterlicious and I would speak at CWC meetings! Even my project is on the wall XD To the left was the reading corner where I would nap :3

I know this entry is mega long n.n' eheh! But for those who read through, Congrats! May the force be with yew! XD

Wacky Jin Fact: At my cousins wedding I got stuck in the elevator on the 9th floor at the reception. (was at a fancy hotel) the adults however never found out and the kids? Well I got teased. XD