Thursday, May 27, 2010

Serious cool chick? Ehh.

Males be weary of this entry.

So today was my first day with the BCP. I originally didn't plan on mentioning what I was taking but if the Designer Student ( did then I can too... :]

First I'd like to say that I need it because my hormones don't function properly thus I need them so I can have normal periods like every other normal girl (among other things like my acne)...It took a long time before this problem was fixed so I was happy that I could finally fix it but then...

I'm a very free spirited person. I'm not afraid to say what I feel or think, nor do I let rules define what I do. However I do have morales..I come from a religious family so I make sure not to shame least not in stereotypical ways (like sex, drugs, etc. etc.) but in school I seem to have made that image of a wild girl. I have no idea how but guys have come and asked me obscene things, I usually just brush them off and go on about my day. This image runs through other girls mouths too...only my closest friends know me so I don't let that bug me either.

But what happens when the good guys stay away from you because of the bad image they think you have? When I realized that was happening to me I felt crushed...especially now that I have to take birth control. If word got around I'm dead. The image would seem even more real. Dang it...I hate it. My mum has it as a super dark secret no one but us two (and The Sun, Button, and Gangsterlicious) are to ever know. I hate the fact that I need it. Even my mum warned me not to use it for the wrong reasons.. ._.

Now I realize why it's so embarrassing...

Fun Fact.
I once bit into green play doh. I too fell for the temptation of seeing how it tasted..x]

Monday, May 24, 2010


YUSH! I finally have internet back! It was gone because we we're switching companies :/ but glad it's back! We have Comcast agains!

So Fishy went back into his regular lifestyle..he just was another jerk *shrugs* eh it happens no? The Sun as always is helping me and I'm glad when I can offer support to her too!

Today I presented a poem! I will post it later since my teacher has it, I got good reviews for it! :D I was so nervous but I was able to calm down and simply focus of it! Score!!

So there's a new fad going on in band! It's called Jumpstyle! I stumbled upon it one day after school when I entered the small band hall and like there was a line of four bandies doing it! (one was a girl!) They were in sync and it looked AMAZING! Because of the girl being in it I was like "I want to do this!"

here's a pretty good tutorial! I learned the first one today! :D I'm still a noob at it and all but I have hope! I think I learned pretty fast! o(^__-)O woo! It's a great stress reliever! Especially since..

If I don't get exempt from my finals and have to take them I KNOW I will fail them and fail the course. I can't afford summer school or else there would go my japan trip! AHHHH! So far I have english done and algebra II I just have to pass a quiz and physics...we have been having a sub so I'm dubious! Ah must make it though! YUSH!

So tis all!

Fun facts! 3! (since I forgot to put those in my other entries...)
1. When I was little I told my dad I wanted to be an elephant, when he asked me more seriously I answered a witch. XD I think thats MLIA worthy!

2. I wanted to learn how to break dance but prefer jumpstyle nao! WORD!

3. I have a superior feminist complex at times XD

Thursday, May 13, 2010



So colorguard try-outs just JUST finished! And I was all iffy and doubtful because my audition had been horrid!! So I mentioned me wanting to do trumpet! Then Band Directors # 1 and 2 say "You have been doing very well this spring you should march a spot." SO GUESS WHAAAAT! IM MARCHING 8D!! Im so happy! This is one step towards Temple University and not feeling regret for the great hiatus on my playing! I was so happy I almost cried XD I will be doing winterguard though! Uwaaaah!~

MAYN!~ I haven't written in forever. I missed it ;___;!!

I took my AP exam!!! I knocked out so I dunno how I did on it XD...

Lately I've been having alot of doctor appointments for various reasons and it's been all ACK!! one is for my skin, which right now is very dry and irritated, I think I overdosed my skin with the acne medicine....XD

OMGEEEEE I stayed up with fishy last night (he couldn't sleep) so I'm like operating on 5% energy. I need foood and sleep! Well me and fishy are like on a roller-coaster behind on here to share..;_; when something major happens I shall post!

OMG button...XD she likes girls! She's Bi! I didn't know! But I wanted her to carry me monkey style today! AP test made my brain into mush! That and yeah no sleep! But I have no regrets! ^__^v

I might add later but not nao!! x3