Friday, February 26, 2010

Hee hee!

Old rival ended up taking the bracelet XD after taking it off, playing with it and ignoring it. that weirdo. The Sun is keeping an eye on it, to see if he's wearing it. I be anxious.

I practice ze trumpet yesterday! But I haven't today ._. pooy! I ended up getting sick! Cuz after school I was with Mohinder and Gangsterlicious and I ate ice cream...dumb I know! XD

However on Thursday we had trumpet sectionals (something I had previously refused to go to...) and I pwned! 8D well I thought so. When Band Director #2 told me to play something I was flawless! (something very rare to me after my year hiatus) and Trumpet Buddy grabs my slide and slams it in. Making me lose my in-tune balance. LIKE WTF. He's laughing hard and im stunned and Band Director #2 ignores us. I had to admit though that was a nice move. Though afterwards I never regained my previous tone -.-;

Ah thanks to a lunch discussion I've decided that I want to live in a fashion capital. XD

Which leads to yesterdays blog searching ^__^ I found some awesome ones that I'm determined to pick up more fashion sense from. I mean for the past week I wore nothing but comfy clothes to school. Not exactly what attracts the Prince's ever rare glance.

So that in turn reminds me that. March 5th is almost here! :D! My outfit is pretty much done with but I do question hat or no top hat?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sometimes even the Mad Hatter gets scared.

Today was great! Evil spawn came over and we (more like her) beat two 1/2 worlds! :D I plan to bet KH I this weeks so I can lag on Chain of Memories and then enjoy KH II better. XD its like i just want to get this one out of the way XD; I heart riku!~

Today! Oh my buddha! I was with Gangsterlicious and The Prince was there and it was all a ruckus. I had to stop a fellow pal from leaving and Gangsterlicious had just said The Prince's real name so instead of yelling out for my pal I yelled out The Prince's name. Talk about sticking my foot in my mouth!!! I couldn't believe he didn't even hear. Me and Gangsterlicious roared with laughter. And Brother acted all nonchalant that is was ridiculous and funny -w-


Anywho I had a great day with Old Rival yesterday that I even made him a bracelet, he better like it. Hmph!

So I have made up my mind when it comes to my trumpet! I want to be as good as the juniors are. Atleast. I would like to play the trumpet at Temple University (If I go) so I plan to get in shape. Trumpet Buddy is suppose to help me. Since the guard season is basically over I gotta buckle down. One of journey's best friends also inspired me. He is a music major and in both wind ensemble and symphony! Talk about talented foo! If only I hadn't been a coward back in 10th grade...ugh! Oh wells gotta push through!

Aside from that things have been swell! Skeleton still stings but I'm getting better at it. Can't wait to practice my thats a first (WHICH IS VERY BAD) better late then never...what scares me is the auditions...what if it dont make them??!?

Tomorrow should prove to be a blog worthy day so I shall leave this one alone, since clearly my mind is clogged with the thoughts of band...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I like eating noodles!~

Everything has been mellow lately! Nothing major; or at least nothing I can't handle.

My Uncle died two days was a big shock because I never really talked to him. I mean he lived in El Salvador...just today did I feel a major sadness wash over me, I wish I had spoken with him before he left though...most of my aunts and uncles left for the funeral but we couldn't go because me and squirts passport is being renewed so I feel like I'm holding my mom from going. She keeps reminding me of why she isn't going and I feel bad. but all in all I know he is in a better place and that makes me feel mellow...

I want a black boy kitty. I want to name him Sebastian. After Sebastian from kuroshitsuji. XD ahaha! Mayn I feel like when I get older and everyone's married Im going to be that one girl who lives in a pretty house all alone with a black kitty XD jebus!

School has been fine though Evil Spawn and me don't really talk, at lunch I found out something major happened, she says its fine now but I missed it...I know I probably should be telling her things but I'm desperately wanting her to take the first step! But no...bleh. Maybe one lucky day she'll read then and open up and then I will too!

Today Doofus seemed alittle down, I noticed! (yes im proud for doing so!) Kudos for me XD I asked Kitty and she said she did too! Wonder what happened? Eh it made me think about how everyone but has their troubles and downs even if their the ones you least expect them too.

My guard pals and I have been planning to eat out everywhere in the area, is very cute XD we didn't get to eat out on monday so it's been moved to friday. I can really imagine myself hanging out with those four after high school *insert heart here* XD
We had practice today, but I didn't go. My mom was at the airport but I doubt I would've gone anyway. my heart just isn't into it without The Director. Pooy~

Ahhh today Old Rival and me shared a soup! It was sooo good! Our teacher gave it to us (we we're starving, this time me more then him XD) it even left my lips burning! Old rival made some cute faces though XD never really thought that I would ever think that Owo still odd I know he just sees me as a friend so its all good anyway ^__^;v I think a guy saw me looking at his noodle faces O///O oh jebus. I wonder..

AH! that reminds me! I need to work on my outfit for Anime Matsuri! I plan to go to it! Maybe Kamikaze but im not so sure...huu huu huu...

Aside from that I need an orange bad! We ran out last week v-v and tis about all!
Button be funny! And im writing a fic about the The Professor, Gangsterlicious and I XD so cute!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mwuhahaha! Mum's making me breakfast!

...Which is quite rare now-a-days. She's grumpy too XD

I passed my physics test with a 87!!! Yay!!! My grade is a 70. Perfect! Just gotta turn in some worksheets to make it more stable!

Valentine's day at school suucked! I was mainly waiting for school to be over for the date and to deliver my chocolates to Gangsterlicious and Whatatata~ (forgot if i've mention her, Whatatata is a guard girlie!) Since Whatatata didn't get me anything she wants to buy me a hamster on Monday. So tempting! XD but i dunno I'm still debating over it...

Anywho! That date was like I imagined it! The walk was great! I thought it'd freeze to death but my fingers only got numb XD silly me for not putting them in my pockets!! We talked so much
I loved it! We talked about the issue till it wasn't necessary anymore cuz we were both over it (YUH BBY)! I ate Eel Sushi and maaan did it hit the spot! Darn I forgot to take a picture x_e! Evil spawn bought ice cream too, yumm! We have decided to come here once a month to catch up and try new dishes! I love it cuz Evil Spawn and I will stay close now :3

I had visited before with my Japan Trip companions (which include a beloved teacher!) and we had befriended the staff there! It had been awhile so I wasn't sure if I would be remembered but I was by one! My dimples had given me away XD! He came up to me and shook my hand n all. I was flattered beyond belief when he came up to me a gave me a napkin with the sweetest message on it! Which included his number....mwuhahaha! He hid in the kitchen until we left XD so cute!!~ I ended up texting him, but sadly when he replied (after the restaurant had closed) I had knocked out T^T lets see how this goes?

I love Canada! Squirt and me have been watching the Winter Olympics! Woo!

Well breakfast is ready so I must go, tummys going RAWR!! XD

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh my buddha O_O;

Drama is definitely crushing me...whoops! There goes my ribs! XD Okay well where to start...

Our guard director got fired. The guard was totally depressed for one day and we were officially 'grieving'. The guard click I'm in (the cool kids 8D ; theres 3. Evils, Fishie, Cools) are gonna go out to eat Monday. I hope that he knows we did care for him. The Sun took it harder then anyone I know, they had actually connected. I found out he cried when I failed. I felt like shiz. He didn't see my best the last couple of weeks since the failing news. I hate that, thats the last thing he saw.

The issue that rolled in from last week is finally OVA. DONE. YESSS! It feels great to have that off my back! Though I got scolded v.v but its all good!!

Zomg I kicked Skeleton off the curb. Dun care no mores DX why waste time on a guy that clearly doesn't care, I swear I always know what I should do but keep trying. Pathetic v.v
The Professor helped me, she is like my school role model 8D me and Gangsterlicious admire her! We're like her little mini me's following her about XD though I can't get myself to write that darn essay...ahhhhh!!

I failed my physics test but took another one! Im sure I must have passed that one! Oh man XD. . .

Tomorrows the date with Evil Spawn!! Wonder how it'll go :3 been anticipating it all week XD wonder if she knows that -w-; eh hope so!

I signed up for my SAT!! ^__^ feel older!

Besides that nothing much has happened. So much bad stuff has happened in this month...good golly.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dance dance dance Gangsterlicious! :3

So I went in today to the AP's classroom and wrote down my story, they called in Gangsterlicious and Amuse. Who was also in the issue XD Mayn! Gangsterlicious told me I'd have to go again... AWWWWWWH MAYN. I so tired of it! Man so stressful...having to remember it! I today I got nervous when I heard the darn cart, bloody hell! XD (wanted to say that)

So The Ocean's ex doesn't like Skeleton. Yay? Not really. He seems very flirty around every girl I see him with, or is it just being being a bitch? Man....should I get him some lemon pound cake & favorite tea for valentine's day?


It's a thought. fu fu fu.

Aside that I think I decently *barely* passed my physics test, man I hope I did. I actually knew something XD! I really understood it when The Ocean tutored me! Anyways...

On friday me and Evil Spawn are suppose to go out to eat at Osaka. A sushi and steak restaurant! I know what I said about her in my previous post but Im desperately trying to understand her. Trying to know why she reacts the way she does. Could it be she still resents the fact that The Sun and Gangsterlicious are more closely bond to me then she is? Is it that nagging lover complex that I sometimes 'hallucinate'? At our date I shall see what's up. To be honest I don't want to lose her. But our friendship is slipping through my fingers. She isn't trying either. But let's see.

Electric blue is suspicious of me! XD He says I instantly get happy when I see him come in the room. Whoa!~ I have no reply to that one.

I finally found out Button's nickname for me XD Yush victory

now to eat some doritos. KEEP YO HANDS OFF MA DORITOS.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Hell hole.

Today a horrible event happened. A teacher created such a big drama (I have told the story so much that I dont have the energy to tell it again -_-) that I ended up infront of the Honor Society Council. I waited for a good three hours before seeing them. I saw kids leave crying and speaking of 'Satan' apparently a horrible lady who would kill you to the core. I was so nervous that my fingers got ants all over and I would see black dots. I have no idea how I looked infront of the council. After telling my story, which I proudly confess had zero bluffs :D, 'Satan' was on my side!! I felt so happy that I didn't get chewed up. I thanked God foo shoo. On monday I plan to tell the AP I know about it. Because one of the teachers in Honor Society said he would write us up for a D-hall. I for one plan on keeping my clean record. So Im ready for monday. I cried alot after the teacher told on us and got the issue blown up. Infact it was Gangsterlicious and me together! We both cried, got angry at the teacher, and cried some more and waited for each other after our hearings. Gangsterlicious even pointed out how when we have our downs, their usually at the same time or its the same down. XD wow.

I ended breaking down. I cried alot. My sobs were so loud that they surprised me. I didn't sound like a kid crying but like a woman? (Or atleast a very older me) It did feel good to just cry. I watched TV till the feeling passed. I cried for my new losses, my issues, and my despair.

Skeleton has moved on. Im pretty darn sure that I don't mean two cents to him. Which is funny because when I was in that classroom waiting for the hearing I was just hoping he'd show up and magically hug me or something. I found out he more then likely has feelings for The Ocean's ex. Ew. It's like putting a cute dark nerd with a blaming hot cosplay babe. NO.

Old Rival was oddly rough (in a jerk way) today, ick. Electric blue helped me cry. Ahh!

Evil Spawn. She's very sarcastic, and she says things in a very rude mean tone. She says she joking...yeah right. Pfft.

My mom was actually nice over the teacher so happy OwO. She usually blames me...

Besides that horrible event my friday was what it was suppose to be. Chill and simple. Meh im off to bed. After a bowl of yummy coco puffs.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

When Revenge Becomes Actual Damage

Seeing Skeleton for more then the average 45 min. killed me. When I got to practice I couldn't regain the slightest bit of me-ness. I went through serious pain which spread throughout my whole body. I couldn't even bear to see him. I was seriously fighting back dry sobs during the first hour or so of practice. The Sun and Ocean noticed. The Ocean tried to help and he did just not so properly when he said "suck it up." that method doesn't work with this! I've tried! I know I said my heart wasn't bound to anyone, (Maybe Journey but that's one hell of a special case) but he had passed my guard before so he could/can again. Basically all those who have in the passed 25% of them still can. Only the ones who really mattered.

A text he sent Gangtserlicious gave me hope that he still had feelings for me. Ha. I wonder if he sees me rotting from the inside out. I wonder he cares. I know he is also fighting but really...
Im mellow at this point though, since at guard practice...

A) I hit the Guard Captain - It was an accident but it felt so good. She cried. Did I mention it felt good?

B) I saw Electric Blue. (Otherwise known as the Drummer Boy) he is a crush that fades and leaves. It began my Sophomore year. Meh! He is a humble version of Prince. He is currently in an unhappy relationship. Those blue eyes look so sad sometimes...

(BTW. ORCHID = THE SUN) Gave her two codenames. XD ahhhh!

Currently talking to Mohinder about the pain me and Gangsterlicous felt today. At the Creative Writers Club where Skeleton was, we were both well....depressed. Though we both have hope, this is how we cope. We drown in our pain till we can breathe under it. We even call ourselves Poseidon's Daughters. XD! Though Gangsterlicous, The Sun, and I are the Dark Princesses. (Gotta admit that sounds rather cuuute) but yeah. Meh. Seem's like he hasn't been doing to well either. The guy touched my inner thigh at the Academy thingy O.o;

Which leads to Old Rival. He even got so comfortable with me that he laid his legs onto mine. Does that mean anything?!

Evil Spawn. She not the same. Her vibes aren't the same anymore. I can't quite describe them. Will try to update them next time.

I also think that The Sun deserves someone sweeter. The Ocean is too brash...I wanted to snap his neck yesterday. I have this 'male' alter ego from which my nickname 'Jin' truly came from* and some the things that happened made the male in me want to snap The Sun away and comfort her, taking her away from the harm he was obviously causing her. Like that one romantic anime dude who sweeps the pretty innocent anime girl away!

*(An experience in which I dressed in male clothes, almost made a gay male bi and was accepted and warmly became family with the gays/lesbians/bi's of my school. However I feel inclined to state that I never did anything with any of them. I consider myself to be straight.)

Anywho, the weekend is almost here. I can't wait to sleep. That five hour practice Wednesday and the emotional distress really has had me worn out! I just had to blog and all the stuff thats been up. Ciao!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vengeance has taken form.

The wedding picture!

The day I dont disturb Skeleton he has a wonderful day...that tells me alot. But like my facebook status says, no matter the cost I will prove to him and everyone who may agree with him that I'm not a melodramtic tramp. During 7th period Kitty noticed I think even Doofus noticed he was oddly nice to me today. My classmate since elementary (who's codename is Bull) Cool guy by the waaay. Had to defend me the teacher was so used to me talking that when I didn't have an answer for the question she blame me for it. Ha. First day bub.

Gangsterlicious and Brother broke up. Im her valentine!! Ima do my best to be the best for her! Though she is a strong lassie...she'll pull through this storm. Omg I'm shivering...EEEK!

Ah so I miss Journey...He got goodness..that man!! *keeps other thoughts to herself*

Today in Avid (besides fighting as usual with Old Rival) I got hope from my teacher. He says I'd fit in well in a out of state school. I really want to go to Temple University. He says all you need is confidence. Lets hope I get what I need to go! It's that or U of H...hmmm...

anyways I'm so not focused right now....

Talking to Mohinder...about Leek. The Vegetable. XD

Monday, February 1, 2010


So much happened this weekend, how can I ever say all of it?

Skeleton and Me are back on 'unfriendly' terms. See 7th period gave me hell and I exploded on him and he reacted in defense. "Melodramatic Tramp." says he. I can't forget that. But I suppose I must. Gangsterlicious is upset of it all too. After all we are her two best friends. Meh....

I'm glad I got to miss 7th period so much though! We went to our Academy's today. Health Science baby! Can't wait for dissecting! Mwuhahaha I really hope this helps me become a surgeon

Tis was my cousins wedding Saturday! She looked beautiful! The ceremony was very traditional and pleased everyone. :3 I sat with two guys who had just gotten dump...we were all emo. XD!! The reception could've been better but she got her man, house, job. Day-um?!

I failed two classes so I wasn't able to preform with colorguard! And I got bashed at my our director and didn't even feel like part of the guard. The decision of quitting has since begun to stir a lot. I know I can't though. I promised myself I'd do band all four years. Ah I've told to ignore the negative treatment of the Guard Captain and the Director. *shrugs*

Let's see how tomorrow goes...

Today I spent alot of time with Gangsterlicious! Yay! :D and with Mohinder.....O__O