Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh my buddha O_O;

Drama is definitely crushing me...whoops! There goes my ribs! XD Okay well where to start...

Our guard director got fired. The guard was totally depressed for one day and we were officially 'grieving'. The guard click I'm in (the cool kids 8D ; theres 3. Evils, Fishie, Cools) are gonna go out to eat Monday. I hope that he knows we did care for him. The Sun took it harder then anyone I know, they had actually connected. I found out he cried when I failed. I felt like shiz. He didn't see my best the last couple of weeks since the failing news. I hate that, thats the last thing he saw.

The issue that rolled in from last week is finally OVA. DONE. YESSS! It feels great to have that off my back! Though I got scolded v.v but its all good!!

Zomg I kicked Skeleton off the curb. Dun care no mores DX why waste time on a guy that clearly doesn't care, I swear I always know what I should do but keep trying. Pathetic v.v
The Professor helped me, she is like my school role model 8D me and Gangsterlicious admire her! We're like her little mini me's following her about XD though I can't get myself to write that darn essay...ahhhhh!!

I failed my physics test but took another one! Im sure I must have passed that one! Oh man XD. . .

Tomorrows the date with Evil Spawn!! Wonder how it'll go :3 been anticipating it all week XD wonder if she knows that -w-; eh hope so!

I signed up for my SAT!! ^__^ feel older!

Besides that nothing much has happened. So much bad stuff has happened in this month...good golly.

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