Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vengeance has taken form.

The wedding picture!

The day I dont disturb Skeleton he has a wonderful day...that tells me alot. But like my facebook status says, no matter the cost I will prove to him and everyone who may agree with him that I'm not a melodramtic tramp. During 7th period Kitty noticed I think even Doofus noticed he was oddly nice to me today. My classmate since elementary (who's codename is Bull) Cool guy by the waaay. Had to defend me the teacher was so used to me talking that when I didn't have an answer for the question she blame me for it. Ha. First day bub.

Gangsterlicious and Brother broke up. Im her valentine!! Ima do my best to be the best for her! Though she is a strong lassie...she'll pull through this storm. Omg I'm shivering...EEEK!

Ah so I miss Journey...He got piercings...my goodness..that man!! *keeps other thoughts to herself*

Today in Avid (besides fighting as usual with Old Rival) I got hope from my teacher. He says I'd fit in well in a out of state school. I really want to go to Temple University. He says all you need is confidence. Lets hope I get what I need to go! It's that or U of H...hmmm...

anyways I'm so not focused right now....

Talking to Mohinder...about Leek. The Vegetable. XD

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