Monday, February 8, 2010

Dance dance dance Gangsterlicious! :3

So I went in today to the AP's classroom and wrote down my story, they called in Gangsterlicious and Amuse. Who was also in the issue XD Mayn! Gangsterlicious told me I'd have to go again... AWWWWWWH MAYN. I so tired of it! Man so stressful...having to remember it! I today I got nervous when I heard the darn cart, bloody hell! XD (wanted to say that)

So The Ocean's ex doesn't like Skeleton. Yay? Not really. He seems very flirty around every girl I see him with, or is it just being being a bitch? Man....should I get him some lemon pound cake & favorite tea for valentine's day?


It's a thought. fu fu fu.

Aside that I think I decently *barely* passed my physics test, man I hope I did. I actually knew something XD! I really understood it when The Ocean tutored me! Anyways...

On friday me and Evil Spawn are suppose to go out to eat at Osaka. A sushi and steak restaurant! I know what I said about her in my previous post but Im desperately trying to understand her. Trying to know why she reacts the way she does. Could it be she still resents the fact that The Sun and Gangsterlicious are more closely bond to me then she is? Is it that nagging lover complex that I sometimes 'hallucinate'? At our date I shall see what's up. To be honest I don't want to lose her. But our friendship is slipping through my fingers. She isn't trying either. But let's see.

Electric blue is suspicious of me! XD He says I instantly get happy when I see him come in the room. Whoa!~ I have no reply to that one.

I finally found out Button's nickname for me XD Yush victory

now to eat some doritos. KEEP YO HANDS OFF MA DORITOS.


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