Monday, July 26, 2010


So lately I've been with the family which is something new to moi, summer band would always strip the chances away from me ToT! It was my neices birthday last week, so we all had a small get together at our uncles house. Our family is not normal, nor has it ever been. But that just makes picture taking so much fun! XD!

. . . I really hope she doesn't kill me for posting this XD

The families number of little people has been increasing and they are just too cute!!

Then there's the snapshot that made my day!


Me and Gangsterlicious have been busy trying to get some summer homework done, success? Eh it's getting done! XD So to reward ourselves we went to teh movies! We saw the Socerer's Apprentice. It oozed dorkiness, we enjoyed it XD


Thus ends my little update!~

Kuroshitsuji FTW!!

Random Facts! Because I always forget them~
1. I recently started playing pokemon...XD
2. I have recently gotten addicted to pancakes, nom nom nom!
3. In two weeks, I shall start learning how to drive! :o!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Ah! I haven't been posting! Epic failure .__.!

First of all! Here are the pictures of my Japanese adventure! :3

I made a seperate album for Japanese food too XD

Please, if you see my default picture, DO NOT BE SCARED!! XD It is an insider joke based on the Japanese movie Waterboys n__n!

I be the first one of the left. XD YUH.

Let's see so yesterday the World Cup ended. Needless to say I screamed my lungs out the moment Span scored. So did my mum. XD It was a very intense game overall, worthy of it being the final game. I felt sorry for Netherlands when I saw some player cry on the field. Buuuuut that lasted for so long. XD Nino Torres is my favorite player ^o^!!

Since my return my views on alot of things changed, leading me to make a very difficult decision so early in my senior year. I quit band. Yuppers! Man it was not easy. To whomever thinks it was...screw yourself. The decision was made after consulting with my Mom, Dad and Aunt. First of all I have sensitive skin and a sunspot to boot. I did not want to apply medicine all over my face every hour I was outside. Second I'm in a desperate frenzy to reach top ten percent. I'm five percent away. Yes I was offered help but it's not the path I wanted to take. Third, band just wasnt in my loop anymore and I have other activities I wanted to focus on besides my studying. (*cough* cooking and japanese lessons *cough*)

Even then, when I went to see Band Director #1 my heart went racing. My father had to call in quits. I couldn't even do it myself. And then Button stabs the sore spot. Like stabbing a egg yolk dramatically. (referencing Kuroshitsuji II XD) She disregarded my skin problem and other goals by simply stating "Your taking the easy way out." I wanted to gauge her eye out like Alois did to Hannah. (another reference XD) To be honest, I'm not over the comment. Me quitting is still a soft spot. It more than likely it will be for quite awhile.

On a brighter note, I have been doing other activities! :3 Morning prayers, watching anime, revamping my room, cooking lessons and starting tomorrow morning jogs! ^w^! Huzzah!

So that's what I have been up to .w.;! Jin out!