Monday, July 12, 2010


Ah! I haven't been posting! Epic failure .__.!

First of all! Here are the pictures of my Japanese adventure! :3

I made a seperate album for Japanese food too XD

Please, if you see my default picture, DO NOT BE SCARED!! XD It is an insider joke based on the Japanese movie Waterboys n__n!

I be the first one of the left. XD YUH.

Let's see so yesterday the World Cup ended. Needless to say I screamed my lungs out the moment Span scored. So did my mum. XD It was a very intense game overall, worthy of it being the final game. I felt sorry for Netherlands when I saw some player cry on the field. Buuuuut that lasted for so long. XD Nino Torres is my favorite player ^o^!!

Since my return my views on alot of things changed, leading me to make a very difficult decision so early in my senior year. I quit band. Yuppers! Man it was not easy. To whomever thinks it was...screw yourself. The decision was made after consulting with my Mom, Dad and Aunt. First of all I have sensitive skin and a sunspot to boot. I did not want to apply medicine all over my face every hour I was outside. Second I'm in a desperate frenzy to reach top ten percent. I'm five percent away. Yes I was offered help but it's not the path I wanted to take. Third, band just wasnt in my loop anymore and I have other activities I wanted to focus on besides my studying. (*cough* cooking and japanese lessons *cough*)

Even then, when I went to see Band Director #1 my heart went racing. My father had to call in quits. I couldn't even do it myself. And then Button stabs the sore spot. Like stabbing a egg yolk dramatically. (referencing Kuroshitsuji II XD) She disregarded my skin problem and other goals by simply stating "Your taking the easy way out." I wanted to gauge her eye out like Alois did to Hannah. (another reference XD) To be honest, I'm not over the comment. Me quitting is still a soft spot. It more than likely it will be for quite awhile.

On a brighter note, I have been doing other activities! :3 Morning prayers, watching anime, revamping my room, cooking lessons and starting tomorrow morning jogs! ^w^! Huzzah!

So that's what I have been up to .w.;! Jin out!

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