Monday, July 26, 2010


So lately I've been with the family which is something new to moi, summer band would always strip the chances away from me ToT! It was my neices birthday last week, so we all had a small get together at our uncles house. Our family is not normal, nor has it ever been. But that just makes picture taking so much fun! XD!

. . . I really hope she doesn't kill me for posting this XD

The families number of little people has been increasing and they are just too cute!!

Then there's the snapshot that made my day!


Me and Gangsterlicious have been busy trying to get some summer homework done, success? Eh it's getting done! XD So to reward ourselves we went to teh movies! We saw the Socerer's Apprentice. It oozed dorkiness, we enjoyed it XD


Thus ends my little update!~

Kuroshitsuji FTW!!

Random Facts! Because I always forget them~
1. I recently started playing pokemon...XD
2. I have recently gotten addicted to pancakes, nom nom nom!
3. In two weeks, I shall start learning how to drive! :o!!!


  1. omg ur playing pokemon? how old r u?!

  2. Yes on my DS, 17! Hey you have the anime looking room! XD I say we're even!

  3. haha oh u are still a kid~!

  4. I'm not sure how to take that...XD!

  5. not really anonymous! it's selene. XD First time on here and i shall say.......THIS IS LIKE SAYA IN UNDERWORLD!!! except less creepy -looks around- anywho! oh god that picture of me i look like i is high. XD i shall be reading mooooree!!!