Saturday, March 27, 2010


Uwaaah what a week!!!

This week it was revealed that Dancer had a girlfriend and we stopped talking! I just didn't wanna be in that mess ^__^ he seemed rather shocked when I no longer gave him the attention he had quickly gained. Meh! Thats what cha get sucks!!!!

Me and Skeleton made up, went out and broke up like half an hour ago. Yes in one week XD woooo! Made up monday, began dating (again) tuesday, got into a fight friday and broke up saturday O_O TALK ABOUT INNER STRESS. Im sure Wacko Brother (codename) will have something to say when im in his class again ._.;

Cuz apparently my mommy/daddy issues and beginning to manifest! XD Honestly its not a big deal unless it hinders a relationships which is kinda did...since I ended up craving a cigarette. AHHHHH he so chewed me up for that!! He ended up calling me a bitch and yeah that just ain't gonna roll! Button helped me with my craving and I might try one soon fu fu fu!!

Animal and here henchmen were also a pain but screeeew them. I gots a bunny!

That kept us up all night @___@ we need a cage badly! Cuz the bin I got isn't big enough and he learns how to jump out quickly, he has peed on almost everything and it's a 24/7 job. Pheeeeew!! I'd rather has a kitty but this is a start!! I missed my volunteer hours chance so next week ims go into a collecting hours frenzy.

Heheh! Just wanted a quick update! Tis doooone, peace! XD

Monday, March 22, 2010


Spring break is over! Yush! XD

Mayn! Okay so I took my SAT on the first saturday of our beloved break...lets just say for the ACT im so eating breakfast e.e I barely made it! I knocked out
afterwards :3

So during the break I caught Insomnia at a full blow. Like I was sleeping till 2-3 AM when I'm the kid who used to sleep in the bandhall; trying to snag as many minutes possible. QUE PASO?! Aiiiesh! Oh well! I bonded with Button because of it and even The Sun joined me. Was very nice :3

I resumed my bracelet making! Man I have enough to last my awhile XD I need to restock my my letters though..and get a hefty container cuz some are in a small crate thingy and others in cups XD;

The other major thing that I did during my break was watch korean dramas! I zoomed through Coffee Prince (KIM JAE WOOK FTW) and am almost done with You're Beautiful. Mayn they are so much better then Hispanic Novelas but You're Beautiful keeps making me cry. AGGGH! Afterwards Ima watch one more (whom the Dancer reccomended; who is Dancer? Look below) then take a break! DX they make me feel sad!

Lately I've grown a huge fandom for Break from Pandora Hearts. (anime)

Uwah!! See! Ain't he uber cute?! Ahem! Anywho I have adopted the way he has his eyeliner, see how its kind of pointy? I tried it today at school only one eye has been successful XD Ah I will master it though~!! Im also eating a lollipops 24/7 like him heheh!!~

OMG so * is now Dancer XD I think that after a long pause of not talking we have had a moment. Oh my jebus! Was so happy but then i got drowsy and ruined it...^^; (says I have abit of a freaky family now) tis all Im gonna reveal. DX but today I saw him and sorta hung out with him. I was able to be myself! Though my heart was beating so fast I think I acted abit odd o.O wonder what he thinks...

After he left and I went into the Bandhall where I got a text...from SKELETON. O_______O He said he missed me and asked to be friends!!! Guess what!! I accepted!! *w* was very happy! Like Gangsterlicious said Mondays are good days OwO hard to believe ehhhh? I cant wait to hug him! Mayn! Though something makes me uneasy...The Ocean's ex. Codename = Animal. Cuz thats how I think she is. Might seem very harsh but maaayn v.v; it's a deep thing. *twitch twitch*

Ah The Professor recommended me for the English AP exam!! Im going to start studying cuz I'm so proud of myself!!! I just need to work on my Essays darn them! But chea....^^;

Oh and thanks to Shu my little white tiger is now Vera Wang!! which means its a girl...XD Sank you! ^__^

OMG!!! Killer Tomatoes has this cute miniature bunny! And I want one!!! ahhhhh!!!!!! Me and The Sun want one!! AHHHHHH SO MEONE GET MI THE MINI BUNNY NAO!! pwease?

(had a prissy tantrum, bite me.)

You can see my break bracelet and the one Dancer inspired me to make XD the pointy eyeliner is hard to see but it there n.n;

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Injecting myself with confidence!

Shang Hai, Hong Kong, Egg Fu Young!
Fortune Cookie Always Wrong!

Today was intermeresting! XD

I had band first period today so me and Gangsterlicious waltzed over to my old history teacher, she is high on efil just like me! And was my favorite teacher last year :3 turns out that *still debating on codename* has her! During the visit we caught up on school stuff, why was over here ^///^' and stuff like that. XD Mayn! If I could hear her laughter one more time! XD She made it seem okay to laugh like I do!

-I have a loud, ever changing laugh that scares people. AHAAAAAA-

So my guard cliche and Gangsterlicious know about * and how extremely shy I am around him. It's ridiculous! I mean if it was anyone else I would still have my...balls. XD! But slowly and surely im gaining it! Thanks to seeing him alot. I just really hope that he doesn't think im always like that...weeee! Hope everything goes well!~

Hee hee Squirt and me just danced to 'Everybody want to be a cat.' XD! Cuuuute!~

anywho today! I took my last hard exam! The science one! I think I did decent for some reason it feel right..hmmm. I took a supaaa long nap! Refreshing! ^__^

Then was Pre- UIL. Oh my about epic failure on our last song. "The Joy" as Band director #2 calls it. The rest was okay, though in sight reading, oh my jebus their was a chunk that killed us. T^T good things is..PRE uil....gotta refine them high notes! Dx though I can hit it nao! ^__^ so the notes lower then that A are soundin smooooth!

Then afterwards I hung out with and old pal when * strolled in. Oh my eito. XD lets say my voice pitch got higher and I was flustered. Atleast Im no longer mute XD so thats pretty much whats my day has been about. XD Tomorrow Ima have to be at school at 6:30 for missing a Honor Society meeting because of Pre UIL. T_T wha. Oh well ima have to pull and all night soon for Dante's Inferno.


But on a brighter note!! The guard pack will begin to work on our spring show section! We'll be using a blend of the Last Friends OST 'Cold Brain' and 'Blind Reminder' YUSH! I will give it my all! Haha!~

Oh oh! Squirt went to the downtown aquarium and got me the
cutest White Tiger Plushie!! OMG!!! LOOKY LOOKY!! What should I call him?! x3

* = codename to be determined!

Monday, March 8, 2010

I had a smashing weekend! Look look!!

Jammin to Lanananayeej!! Unce unce unce!!

It all started ooooon friday! Me, The Sun, and Watatata!! went to apple bee's! I ate some tasty alfredo pasta! And was content for the rest of the day XD we talked alot and then went home like the good girls we are.

Wow that even sounds sarcastic even though technically we did. XD

Anywho! On Saturday! Me and Gangsterlicious finally managed to get to see Alice in Wonderland together!! Omg I loooved it!! I repelled all the
negative reviews, whooosh!!! I loved the Mad Hatter, and I'd honestly marry him! XD Though I freaked people out by admitting that in lunch todaaaay O.o Hee! Gangsterlicious's sisters decided to watch in 2D so I waited for them to finish. After being with an acquaintance we went to the arcade were Squirt joined us. Im so glad the two got along so well ^__^. I've realized that if my friends don't get along with her, I usually end up not liking them for it. XD we got pokemon phone charms (I GOT PIKACHU ^w^!!) and we played Tekken. Squirt beat Selene, was so funny XD! I had an awesome time *heart*

I also bought some manga (Pandora Hearts! Love it!) Which reminds me..I need a bookshelf, but where do you find some cute bookshelves at? O.o?

On Sunday I woke up and my mom told me we wouldn't be going
to church, before I knew it, it turned into Ladies day out! XD I was surprise at how my youthful my mom became! My grandma was just there and Squirt cheered up after she ate. My aunt who we shall codename with The Earth(because she is very earthy and youthful! Despite being the eldest in the family; My mom being the youngest XD!) She gave me this awesome necklace thats all earthy XD!

We went shopping all over the place! At Macy's I ventured into the china area and found this adorable set...I love it! I was texting Button the whole weekend and she felt my flaily-ness at a full force. X3!

I had to use my phone again wha. ;__;

Oh! on the way to the mall, these rowdy blondies went shizo when my mom apparently got to close to them. The one in the passenger seat literally slammed her hand against the window and swore rather loudly. My mom ignored them but my fused went ZZZIIIIPP!! If two pairs of sensitive ears hadn't been there those GRRRRRRS would've seen MY ghetto side. Yes I have one. XD (I just decided to not show it, especially after the Skeleton Scandal)

I bought some stuffies! Though since one of the items is a skirt im dubious about wearing it...unbeknownst to many I am very insecure about my legs. I usually wear tights, but this skirt is a no-tights compatible one! What to do?!

The we went to a store full of interesting things (I found a british trash can there yo! XD) I bought my own tea cup and tea! Earl Grey! Oh how I was dying to try it!!! I made it that night, I absolutely love it! It turned out to be the same brand as the pretty cups I saw at the mall but just an older set (which I clearly destroyed :3) yaaay! Which leads me to confess that I collect miniature tea sets... .w.
*coughbuymesomebuttoncough* XD!!! Jk jk. NOT! Maybe? XD

Next and finally we went to a Salvadorian Restaurant to eat! My fav!! Where my aunt and mother lost all worries and we're like moi and Squirt!! I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. This happened twice. My Grandma was just gawking at us the whole time. XD Knowing my laugh...ahahaha!!

Here is my mum after laughing. She looks so adorable :3!!

When we got home we all took a nap, my mother returned to her normal self but the memories were made! Yush!

Today I after school I made The Professor a bracelet. She liiiiked it. Yay!! Gangsterlicious made one too, I like her simple style! ^_^ Ah in regard to Skeleton. I dislike him. He has become her spawn and is a lost cause. ^__~ I recovered my part on my trumpet part!!*

*-See in my last sectional I totally bombed and was cut off a part by Band Director #2 T__T but with some help from Trumpet Buddy I gots it back babeh!!-

I managed to have a great day! though tomorrow begin the test slaughter! (Funny ima end it with my first SAT XD) Well im off to get ready!!

Oh and Old rival wore the bracelet. Heh!

OMG! Watatata! Introduced me to a major cutie last week....weeeeeeeee!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Darn you for being a coward!!

Today I had a regular day, used eyeliner that crumbled into my eyes..(NEVER USING DRUG STORE BRANDS EVER AGAIN) very nu bueno!

and I just woke up from a nap and mi eyes burn!! Lately they have been for sometime. I have to remember to buy eye drop. Hmm so I'm a tad bit grumpy. ^-^;

Today we had trumpet sectionals. I didn't warm up properly and my lips got tired really quickly and I sucked during the whole thing! I ended up getting cut from a part. I was like "I understand" but inside I was yelling "GIVE ME MORE TIME, ANOTHER SHOT PLEAAAASE!!" Mayn!! Im not giving up, Pre UIL is next week, I can work on my range till then, then bust a move!! XD (Hopefully) If not I plan to reach that darn A anyway cuz I gotta reach my goal!!

Aside from that Evil Spawn tortured me today, by making me have to make a clothes hanger contraption to reach a note and then having to solve two puzzles. AHHH its like she's so intent on missing me that she wont try to fix the problem! So frustrating! But Im still here. Ahaaaaa! Doesn't that say something? But like Button one day I could just snap..

(btw screw Old Rival! He never wore the bracelet)

Ah tis all for today! XD tomorrow is Friday! And the guard group might go out to eat again! We did go to buffalo wild wings and I burned my mouth with spicy wings. XD funny!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pointless tests turn me into a lump of clay -w-

So today we took the states test(TAKS) boring!! I slept for almost two hours or spent time finishing up Through the Looking Glass. Jebus! I have never taken so long to finish a book!

Me and Gangsterlicious are gonna go see it saturday! (hopefully) really excited!

Today Im going to take my trumpet a bath, its really dirty ._.; Im waiting for Squirt to get here so she can help (most likely just watch as we talk away XD)
That way I won't be embarrassed when I ask Band Director #2 for help. -w-

Seems like Prince is making his reappearance. After discovering that in fact no princess exists in his world its like whoa. O.o let's simply leave it at that ^_^;

Lately me and Gangsterlicious have been finding ourselves hanging out with The Professor after school, she's become like an older sister with a awesome mean glare XD In her class we had a project to make our own board games. I fell in love with one of the
m..I literally offered to buy it once graded but I was denied at $13 dollars ._. the little game pieces were mice! myn had a chibi face, we played for awhile until I scored a card that made everyone go back to the bottom XD!

Doesn't that look delicious?! n-n

Ah I also wore a cutesy outfit onnnnn Monday, so I want to share :3
Though my face came out funny, XD;! Ah there you can see The Sun!! x3!

(sorry for bad quality, took with cell phone ._.;)

I really love how she really is there when some scary situations occur. I can feel her protective barrier surround me :3 because on Monday a old 'friend' of mine kissed me without me wanting it. I didn't like it. The next day he almost called me "Love" in spanish. A very disturbing position to be in. Especially since I know how he loses control with girls. Since the slip up I have been better at keep a distance. I told Gangsterlicious, The Sun, and Mandi over what happened. Me and Gangsterlicious have both been kissed like that before XD but Mandi, though I trust her I dont think she can really give me advice. She more of a friend I help and hang out with. The one who was making sure he didn't do anything was The Sun. Thank you dear ^__^

I had a brawl with Doofus. Kitty wouldn't let me swing! Jebus I hate being restrained. I almost swung at her, no wait I did swing (XD;;) For the record he provoked me! Grr he still owes me some two good hits. On a good note I also spoke to an old friend, we had a good time chatting since his band members also chimed in. ^_^ Hope it happens again!

Ah KAT-TUN came out with a new album! ^__^ tis been awhile since I've listened to them. It was really nice to hear Jin Akanishi's voice. His english is pretty clear except from some words. I love the songs "THE D-MOTION" & "A PAGE" Jin's hair do is cute.

Darn Journey.