Friday, April 23, 2010

Fantasia alla marcia~

Me and Gangsterlicious matching! :3

Man it's been forever!! Times two ;D
I haven't blogged since forevers because of JTP. A 50 page book report. It was stupid and life draining I was so happy that it was over when I turned it in Monday morning xwx
My Presentation of it Tuesday was short, simple and sweet ;D

This was at Gangsterlicious's house. I practically lived there for the weekend! To be quiet honest I miss the family and pets! The Wowow (doggy) really liked me ^_^ I can't have pets so it was awesome! In one of our scarce breaks meow meow fell asleep on me, it was such a cute position I had to take a picture! XD
Awwwh! n.n

Anyways! The stress of it all has barely worn off, and I got a fever so I'm a tad sick and it sucks. I have such a weak immune system v.v so right now we're taking TAKS otherwise known as the state's yearly easy test. Sadly no one close to me has T as their last name so I in my testing room I have a handful of interesting people to say the least! Though I simply get to watch.

So Fishy came back. Out of nowhere! He texted me with the lyrics from Vanilla Twilight. I feel like I'm walking into a spider web with that...but of wells, I also do walk into it XD

Lately I've been zooming through the KH series, so when Birth By Sleep comes out I'll be ready! I love Riku....!! One day I shall find my Riku!

XD Hil-ar-ious!
I feel so loooopy! XD my goodness. Nom nom nom now off to raid the kitchen!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Prettiest duck I saw there, XD though once I took out the camera it hid from me so I had to chase it around -w-;

Soooo! My fathe bought wormies and fishies as live bait, we barely used the fake ones. So sad! Me and squirt showed our earth lovers side by letting some of the bit free XD wee!

This is the best picture of the overall view, ne it was a nice change of routine! As you can see there's my father and Squirt. XD

After like two hours of catching anything in that spot, we moved. XD I took such a funny picture of Squirt looking like a...squirt?

Doesn't she look uber tiny?! XD!! Roflcoptor~

I turned out to be a pretty okay fishier! ;D though we most certainly did have our laughs because it was our first time. Like I had a tendency to decapitate my worms or fling my fish off the hook...or slam our fishing rods everywhere on the ground...(however it some cases, I casted better then my father fu fu fu~)
So we didn't catch fish...but after a rest room break my father had caught something...DUN DUN DUN!!

Yes, a turtle. It swallowed the stupid hook too!! We got it out and tried to take it out but it was no use ._. in one of my attempts to help it, it bit me really hard and wouldn't let go. DUDE IT STILL HURTS. T____T my father cut of the string, so let's hope it passes through it's digestive system okay!

And this concludes my first real day of fishing...XD! Ta Daaaa!

We go our shoes wet in our rush to save the turtle so as of right now, both me and Squirt are now sick with a common cold...XD

Wacky Jin Fact: I have two size 2 gauges that my parents haven't taken notice of. XD

Friday, April 16, 2010

Day of Silence! Completed!

I did it with Button and Evil Spawn! It's a national youth thing for gays, lesbians, bis, and transgenders! :3 It was hard! In all my regular classes alot of dunces teased me and tried to make me talk, one kid even shook my desk v.v so ignorant! I had a flyer taped on my sweater so I wouldn't have to write to tell them why I wasn't talking however once school was over I concluded my day of silence. Nehehe!

In my 52 period with Old Rival though...things got pretty intense. Wacky of course was proud of me (he read the sign) and once again urged me to leave Houston. He seemed so desperate that it got me thinking about Temple University all over again...but anyways, Wacky's wife came (she's a sub on campus) and I got teased by them!! Old Rival happily joined but not for long because soon they began to tease us. Saying me and Old Rival should be an item. I know I blushed and made odd faces. Old Rival simply tried to brush it off or what be like "What?!"...but I couldn't help but wonder if he really is nonchalant about it. I mean Wacky keep telling us how he does care about me and it made things very hot in that cluttered room!! But whatevvvver.

That was the highlight of my day! Oh! And sleeping in 7th period! I was spared the misery!! *happy dance*

Once home my mother told me, my nephew had gotten worse. I really want to see him but she won't let me. Usually my mom and me don't do much together, but today her, Squirt and I went to Super Target. XD I usually never go to these places so it was, in it's own dorky way, fun! Like I walked around playing with a slinky...n__n

I restocked on some face supplies (-w-); and bought a small Harajuku Lovers perfume!! Different girls have different scents so I was happy that it was tiny, incase I didn't like it. I got Music :3 so far I like it ^__^

Ta da!!!
The other highlight of the trip was buying a replacement piggy bank for the one my mom broke. Though I prefer the other one, this one will most certainly do!

It's already in the old piggy's place TwT neeee!~

Anywhoooo! Aside from that tomorrow we're suppose to go fishing with my father...I really wonder how that's going to go...XD well gotta get ready! Hope I catch something tomorrow XD!

PS! Before I forget I have made a mini plan to write something about me on every post! Todays is: I only date asian guys. XD!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quiet Day!

Sappy said I had ducky lips e_e

As my title reads today was a rather quiet day! Mainly because alot of band kids left for their UIL today and we're gone for most if not all of the day. So I was not really myself.

I ate buffalo wings today. Wing Wang Done! (insider!) They were very heavenly. XD

Evil Spawn came back! Got camera! Yush!

Gangsterlicious is going through tough times. I hope I'm strong enough to help her through..

So about the fakey-ness of the group...*sigh* I notice some of it vividly and other times it's blurry. No wonder it took so long for me to notice. It bothers me yet I usually let it slide.

Anywho! Pictures of Crayfish day! XD

XD Horsey has a big smile!

As you can see Horsey has pretty mad expression skills XD

And this is our manly tray of all the crayfish we ate ;3!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shivering through the night.

So my day was molded very early into the night (one AM) when a couple outside my house, literally, yelling at each other so loudly it woke me up. That took me back to some horrid events in my life and yeah I became that shivering kicked puppy people tend to kick even more. And thats exactly what happened to me at school! It was awful! However I was spared 7th period. I was thankful.

Anywho! Today was UIL for my band level. I got to see The Ocean in band. I waved at him and while trying to wave at Button too ended up messing around with The Ocean. XD I really like how close we are now XD which I'm really not trying to sound mushy!

The Ocean and The Sun both gave me a hug and I was even lifted in the air, I felt like a little girl getting hugged by her loving parents. Ahhhhhh! That really began to fix my day! Like you have no idea...

I mean I had class with Old Rival today and had our daily moment but I dont know...we have an odd friendship lol. I stayed in Wacky's classroom trying to stabilize myself. It did work abit until lunch was over and the noise bothered me.

UIL was at Childhood's school! (codename! ;3) I miss her! She was my first friend in elementary school and best friend until she moved in the 2nd grade. We were like the popular girls! Maaayn! I didn't get to see her though, she missed us by like 5 minutes! So Close!!

I sat with Sappy in the bus. (codename!) I think he still likes me lol. Ahhhh!! Oh well he has a gf! I have no idea how to react to that but just try to keep it cool. He is a kid from my band who tried to date me...didn't work out. He was too easy to control. In my opinion!

We got 2-2-3 in our performance and 2-2-2 in sight reading!! Band Director #2 said she was pleased. I was expecting worse to say the least. But it's a start for our first year in competition!

Today!!!!!! My milk bag arrived! Talk about great service!! I was very pleased with my purchase!

As you can see I have a messy room...XD but yeah! Now Squirt wants one. XD

Well I just woke up and now I have to get ready for school. Yuckies! But from a very bad day...I'm glad it didn't end as bad as it started.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Has been an odd craving lately. Milk is so good! I have recently found myself obsessed with every that has Kawaii Milk on it!
I even bought a small pink milk bag from! Cost me an argument over spending money recklessly with my mom but was worth it XD

So the little party at Evil Spawn's place was pretty sweet ^__^ I had fun even though I ate too much crayfish and almost got ill (Horsey took care of me though) XD will post pictures once Evil Spawn gives me my camera back. She hasn't been to school.

What happened after the party changed the way I look at my friends from band forever. I realized how they don't really care about each other much less me...The Ocean also realized this and we bonded today at lunch for it XD Button also knows though those two are not on good terms ._.

But anyways! I see Horsey differently now, I feel warmth towards her as she truly cared when I didn't even expect it. The ACT was easier then the SAT XD My nephews birthday party was canceled, he got chicken pox the poor thing is quarantined T_T me sad!!

My addiction to candy is costing me alot of money....XD

On monday I wore my favorite skinny jeans!! They are so comfy and I love 'em! So they deserve to be mentioned here XD my old pair died on me last year -w-

Anywho I had a small odd moment with Old Rival. He irritated me and I couldn't control it so Wacky moved me from the table. We made up afterwards though and I got happy XD

Today I got really light head after school during band. I could barely play and it freaked me out. I guess I should've eaten more but I can't help it that the cafeteria food sucks...but yeah still not recoverd. The Sun gave me such a warm hug today! ^___^ I haven't have one of those in awhile, *heart*

Welps that's all for today!! Pheeew I missed blogging...nehehe new addiction XD

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I juuuuuust got home! YAY! *victory dance*

I got exactly 15 hours completed as of just now! Oh my jebus...*tear*

So today was a pretty chilled day, I even twirled my physics teacher aro
und when my sugar was giving me it's last bit of help XD

Lately I have been bingeing on candy, mainly twizzlers and chocolate! The only thing is sometimes (especially in the morning) I crave chocolate so much I go into a frenzy! But hey I see nothing wrong with that!

Today in class me and Old Rival had a moment during class .///.

Ah Gangsterlicious and me ran the Creative Writers Meeting! We're preparing for next year, hopefully reel in some more members! I hope Evil Spawn and Mama will come back since band UIL will be over soon! Which reminds me! Trumpet buddy was not here today nor will he be here tomorrow! I played fairly better then before (I'm the only trumpet player playing first), I just panic when we have to sight read. I plan on focusing back after UIL because by then alot of stress will be gone! Woo!~

Today I saw Gangsterlicious cry. She read some of the texts Brother sent me about them. He was a bit harsh. I felt so hopeless and wish I had done something better! We vented with The Professor about school! She kindly encouraged us and told us to not let our family pressure us with the molds they have for us. Ah...Ima text her to see if she's okay.

I cracked the code on Button's blog! Im some shiny metal XD!

Let's seee all that's left in my schedule this week is some test in english (not taking it seriously -__-;) playing the trumpet during a non band period and a small gathering at Evil Spawn's place, ACT and nephews 1st birthday (I need to get him a gift! But what do you give a one year old boy??) I should be goooood! Phew!! ^^v

Oh oh and mi hair! I got half bad and half good reviews! At lunch some kid loudly said "Look at her sex hair!!!" Whoa...O.o LULZ!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Insomnia Dead Rich Girl on Zeh Roll

Dude today was a big roller coaster. I was so drained I took a 3-4 hour nap when I got home.

So today I performed a mini little play (thus the title XD) and I personally think our group did the best! XD I must sound cocky but I do! I had to wear eyeshadow under my eyes but I really just highlighted my real bags...ick! But anywho! I had my stuffed animal Eli* with me, he helped me get through the day! I even got to keep a huge swirly loli! Like the ones Break eats XD

*Eli was a gift from a very special person :3

Today I found out something annoying about my father, a guy with a gf (that I know) hit on me, Band Director #2 scolded me, Skeleton caught Poser teasing me and gave me a look that plainly said "Your an idiot." I ended up texting him what I felt. Sweet Jesus...I feel like crying. I know I can brush it off, but seriously why did that mess have to happen to me..? For some reason I know what Journey would say about all that...e_e

Anywho there was another jerk at lunch and I went on a chocolate frenzy. NOTE CHOCOLATE. I didn't crave a cig!!! HMPH!!! Which The Professor kindly quenched after school (and myself :3) I found out today that I have enough written to submit to a scholarship! Yay me!

So today while I was being down I kept playing with Old Rivals fingers and whatnot. I hope I didn't send the wrong message XD though Gangsterlicious teased me because we exchanged numbers. Guh please! XD...!

Spending the day with fluffy Eli made me think about the person who gave him to me, alot. hmmm.

I have made a ingenious plan to practice my trumpet! During fourth period! When colorguard is suppose to be going on! The bad part is that we're suppose to be learning the spring show routine but like I need to get better! I have a year and a half...I really dont want to give up on my trumpet goal..but its a struggle..

Speaking of band! I saw The Director a couple of days ago! Was touching! We hugged and exchanged air kissies! Man! I miss him! Even though...ya know...

Well tis all! Lets hope my schedule works out! I need 4 more hours of community service! Yikes!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Drained x_x

Is how I feel right naaaao. Meeeh. Button is the one currently dealing with my bleh bleh-ness. Poor her XD;

So today I talked to Prince! He is one wacky model looking dude. Aha it was nice to actually talk to him, since he was Gangsterlicious's first love it got me thinking about mine...stupid Journey ._. another model guy! (Well for me...) I mean I think she is lucky to have Prince as her first love (to even have a shot with him!) But I wouldn't change mine for him any day ^///^!

Aside that school work is starting to get to me, I have tutorials I must attend, my frenzy race to get my trumpet skills back up, a stupid major project I haven't started on. I know I should but I keep, just ending up doing something else. Oh! And hours that I need to desperately turn in...not to mention my ACT this weekend...oh boy. I have to buckled down v.v *siiigh*

I finally updated my phone with my ringtones (with Akanishi Jin....) Yush! I need to name my phone too...hmmm

Gonna use up my last of free time as a otaku -w-v! Peace!
But aside from that everythings going fine! That skirt that was no-tight friendly I wore it today! 8D yaay! Forgot to take a picture though ^^;

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ehehehe! Familia is no easy!

I recently made up with my Mother over a humungous argument we had maaayn! It was no fun! But I did gain one good useful thing! Laundry! Which surprisingly enough isn't so bad, because now I get to sing where no one can hear me, even though my family might be home. Aha ^^;

(The arguement ended up with my bunny having to live with Killer Tomato who owns her brother. Not so bad, though I miss her v.v My bunnies name is Alice :3)

OMG! Skeleton is a major jerk! Why did I feel even the slightest bit of something for him?! He tries to push my buttons! Letting Animal bite him and holding hands with her. Good grief. Whatever though, I am myself again!

I suppose now I'm free to flirt again! XD Gangsterlicious and I went to sushi restaurant where I even flirted with the guy there XD (Deja vu?!) He smiled! But when I offered him twizzlers he fell into his shell. It ain't over though! I shall nab him (maybe)! He wears eye liner and wears skinny type! I mean even Gangsterlicious stared for abit. Let's see what happens?

Lately I've been thinking over alot of 'taboo' subjects, Button has been helping, though she encourages me to do what I want, I wonder if what I want is what I shouldn't want? Hmmm that's just what has been on my mind. Meh! I had a small loneliness attack but I managed to get help to cope for the night. Eheh!

The trip to Japan this summer is start to take effect, I just bought my carry-on ^^v and I'm bustling to save money (which I should have been doing.....!!!!) So I'm excited! First there's the wonder of Japan (which is such a big deal) but not only that, like my trip to Europe in 07 we're gonna meet up with another delegation! For 14 days we will be with strangers! Back in 07 summer loves budded and I formed strong family like friendships! Im nervous about it but hope it goes well like it did so long ago...I miss my summer love (just abit) and my besties! XD ahaha

Other then that me and Evil Spawns friendship has been doing very well! She finally came to me and opened up!! CAN YA BELIEVE THAT?!?!

OMG! AND BROTHER!! HE CAME BACK!!! 8D He is my childhood friend who eventually became Gangsterlicious's boyfriend and now ex boyfriend. He ditched our friendship for half a year but finally returned. Man I missed my only male best friend! He can really make me laugh. Fu fu fu! All is well :3

(I also got chewed out by band director #1. Scariest thing of maaa life. I even forgot my trumpet. tsk tsk tsk....e-e)