Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Has been an odd craving lately. Milk is so good! I have recently found myself obsessed with every that has Kawaii Milk on it!
I even bought a small pink milk bag from kawaiigoods.com! Cost me an argument over spending money recklessly with my mom but was worth it XD

So the little party at Evil Spawn's place was pretty sweet ^__^ I had fun even though I ate too much crayfish and almost got ill (Horsey took care of me though) XD will post pictures once Evil Spawn gives me my camera back. She hasn't been to school.

What happened after the party changed the way I look at my friends from band forever. I realized how they don't really care about each other much less me...The Ocean also realized this and we bonded today at lunch for it XD Button also knows though those two are not on good terms ._.

But anyways! I see Horsey differently now, I feel warmth towards her as she truly cared when I didn't even expect it. The ACT was easier then the SAT XD My nephews birthday party was canceled, he got chicken pox the poor thing is quarantined T_T me sad!!

My addiction to candy is costing me alot of money....XD

On monday I wore my favorite skinny jeans!! They are so comfy and I love 'em! So they deserve to be mentioned here XD my old pair died on me last year -w-

Anywho I had a small odd moment with Old Rival. He irritated me and I couldn't control it so Wacky moved me from the table. We made up afterwards though and I got happy XD

Today I got really light head after school during band. I could barely play and it freaked me out. I guess I should've eaten more but I can't help it that the cafeteria food sucks...but yeah still not recoverd. The Sun gave me such a warm hug today! ^___^ I haven't have one of those in awhile, *heart*

Welps that's all for today!! Pheeew I missed blogging...nehehe new addiction XD

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