Sunday, April 18, 2010


Prettiest duck I saw there, XD though once I took out the camera it hid from me so I had to chase it around -w-;

Soooo! My fathe bought wormies and fishies as live bait, we barely used the fake ones. So sad! Me and squirt showed our earth lovers side by letting some of the bit free XD wee!

This is the best picture of the overall view, ne it was a nice change of routine! As you can see there's my father and Squirt. XD

After like two hours of catching anything in that spot, we moved. XD I took such a funny picture of Squirt looking like a...squirt?

Doesn't she look uber tiny?! XD!! Roflcoptor~

I turned out to be a pretty okay fishier! ;D though we most certainly did have our laughs because it was our first time. Like I had a tendency to decapitate my worms or fling my fish off the hook...or slam our fishing rods everywhere on the ground...(however it some cases, I casted better then my father fu fu fu~)
So we didn't catch fish...but after a rest room break my father had caught something...DUN DUN DUN!!

Yes, a turtle. It swallowed the stupid hook too!! We got it out and tried to take it out but it was no use ._. in one of my attempts to help it, it bit me really hard and wouldn't let go. DUDE IT STILL HURTS. T____T my father cut of the string, so let's hope it passes through it's digestive system okay!

And this concludes my first real day of fishing...XD! Ta Daaaa!

We go our shoes wet in our rush to save the turtle so as of right now, both me and Squirt are now sick with a common cold...XD

Wacky Jin Fact: I have two size 2 gauges that my parents haven't taken notice of. XD

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  1. duckies~!

    im trying to eat~ not much appetite lately =P