Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Insomnia Dead Rich Girl on Zeh Roll

Dude today was a big roller coaster. I was so drained I took a 3-4 hour nap when I got home.

So today I performed a mini little play (thus the title XD) and I personally think our group did the best! XD I must sound cocky but I do! I had to wear eyeshadow under my eyes but I really just highlighted my real bags...ick! But anywho! I had my stuffed animal Eli* with me, he helped me get through the day! I even got to keep a huge swirly loli! Like the ones Break eats XD

*Eli was a gift from a very special person :3

Today I found out something annoying about my father, a guy with a gf (that I know) hit on me, Band Director #2 scolded me, Skeleton caught Poser teasing me and gave me a look that plainly said "Your an idiot." I ended up texting him what I felt. Sweet Jesus...I feel like crying. I know I can brush it off, but seriously why did that mess have to happen to me..? For some reason I know what Journey would say about all that...e_e

Anywho there was another jerk at lunch and I went on a chocolate frenzy. NOTE CHOCOLATE. I didn't crave a cig!!! HMPH!!! Which The Professor kindly quenched after school (and myself :3) I found out today that I have enough written to submit to a scholarship! Yay me!

So today while I was being down I kept playing with Old Rivals fingers and whatnot. I hope I didn't send the wrong message XD though Gangsterlicious teased me because we exchanged numbers. Guh please! XD...!

Spending the day with fluffy Eli made me think about the person who gave him to me, alot. hmmm.

I have made a ingenious plan to practice my trumpet! During fourth period! When colorguard is suppose to be going on! The bad part is that we're suppose to be learning the spring show routine but like I need to get better! I have a year and a half...I really dont want to give up on my trumpet goal..but its a struggle..

Speaking of band! I saw The Director a couple of days ago! Was touching! We hugged and exchanged air kissies! Man! I miss him! Even though...ya know...

Well tis all! Lets hope my schedule works out! I need 4 more hours of community service! Yikes!!


  1. Yey to good skit! :D

    Nay to annoying crap. D:

    Yey to your fluffly Eli! :D

    Yey, chocolate cravage! :D

    Oooooooh, you exchanges nuuuumbeeers ooooooooooooooooh~. :OOOOOO

    Yey to seeing The Director! :D

    . . .

    Yey! :D


  2. whoa, that sounds a bad day
    i think we all have those~

  3. wow that must have been a very fustrating day....but dont worry my life isnt so much more relaxed =_=