Friday, April 23, 2010

Fantasia alla marcia~

Me and Gangsterlicious matching! :3

Man it's been forever!! Times two ;D
I haven't blogged since forevers because of JTP. A 50 page book report. It was stupid and life draining I was so happy that it was over when I turned it in Monday morning xwx
My Presentation of it Tuesday was short, simple and sweet ;D

This was at Gangsterlicious's house. I practically lived there for the weekend! To be quiet honest I miss the family and pets! The Wowow (doggy) really liked me ^_^ I can't have pets so it was awesome! In one of our scarce breaks meow meow fell asleep on me, it was such a cute position I had to take a picture! XD
Awwwh! n.n

Anyways! The stress of it all has barely worn off, and I got a fever so I'm a tad sick and it sucks. I have such a weak immune system v.v so right now we're taking TAKS otherwise known as the state's yearly easy test. Sadly no one close to me has T as their last name so I in my testing room I have a handful of interesting people to say the least! Though I simply get to watch.

So Fishy came back. Out of nowhere! He texted me with the lyrics from Vanilla Twilight. I feel like I'm walking into a spider web with that...but of wells, I also do walk into it XD

Lately I've been zooming through the KH series, so when Birth By Sleep comes out I'll be ready! I love Riku....!! One day I shall find my Riku!

XD Hil-ar-ious!
I feel so loooopy! XD my goodness. Nom nom nom now off to raid the kitchen!!