Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quiet Day!

Sappy said I had ducky lips e_e

As my title reads today was a rather quiet day! Mainly because alot of band kids left for their UIL today and we're gone for most if not all of the day. So I was not really myself.

I ate buffalo wings today. Wing Wang Done! (insider!) They were very heavenly. XD

Evil Spawn came back! Got camera! Yush!

Gangsterlicious is going through tough times. I hope I'm strong enough to help her through..

So about the fakey-ness of the group...*sigh* I notice some of it vividly and other times it's blurry. No wonder it took so long for me to notice. It bothers me yet I usually let it slide.

Anywho! Pictures of Crayfish day! XD

XD Horsey has a big smile!

As you can see Horsey has pretty mad expression skills XD

And this is our manly tray of all the crayfish we ate ;3!


  1. hi there, i actually kinda like ur messy hairdo! hahhaha *wink*

  2. Okay, I know this might be an odd question, buuuut... What the hell is Crayfish??? Cause that looks like Crawfish, unless you Texans use weird words x3

  3. Crawfish...epic failure on my part...XD