Monday, April 5, 2010

Drained x_x

Is how I feel right naaaao. Meeeh. Button is the one currently dealing with my bleh bleh-ness. Poor her XD;

So today I talked to Prince! He is one wacky model looking dude. Aha it was nice to actually talk to him, since he was Gangsterlicious's first love it got me thinking about mine...stupid Journey ._. another model guy! (Well for me...) I mean I think she is lucky to have Prince as her first love (to even have a shot with him!) But I wouldn't change mine for him any day ^///^!

Aside that school work is starting to get to me, I have tutorials I must attend, my frenzy race to get my trumpet skills back up, a stupid major project I haven't started on. I know I should but I keep, just ending up doing something else. Oh! And hours that I need to desperately turn in...not to mention my ACT this weekend...oh boy. I have to buckled down v.v *siiigh*

I finally updated my phone with my ringtones (with Akanishi Jin....) Yush! I need to name my phone too...hmmm

Gonna use up my last of free time as a otaku -w-v! Peace!
But aside from that everythings going fine! That skirt that was no-tight friendly I wore it today! 8D yaay! Forgot to take a picture though ^^;

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