Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ehehehe! Familia is no easy!

I recently made up with my Mother over a humungous argument we had maaayn! It was no fun! But I did gain one good useful thing! Laundry! Which surprisingly enough isn't so bad, because now I get to sing where no one can hear me, even though my family might be home. Aha ^^;

(The arguement ended up with my bunny having to live with Killer Tomato who owns her brother. Not so bad, though I miss her v.v My bunnies name is Alice :3)

OMG! Skeleton is a major jerk! Why did I feel even the slightest bit of something for him?! He tries to push my buttons! Letting Animal bite him and holding hands with her. Good grief. Whatever though, I am myself again!

I suppose now I'm free to flirt again! XD Gangsterlicious and I went to sushi restaurant where I even flirted with the guy there XD (Deja vu?!) He smiled! But when I offered him twizzlers he fell into his shell. It ain't over though! I shall nab him (maybe)! He wears eye liner and wears skinny type! I mean even Gangsterlicious stared for abit. Let's see what happens?

Lately I've been thinking over alot of 'taboo' subjects, Button has been helping, though she encourages me to do what I want, I wonder if what I want is what I shouldn't want? Hmmm that's just what has been on my mind. Meh! I had a small loneliness attack but I managed to get help to cope for the night. Eheh!

The trip to Japan this summer is start to take effect, I just bought my carry-on ^^v and I'm bustling to save money (which I should have been doing.....!!!!) So I'm excited! First there's the wonder of Japan (which is such a big deal) but not only that, like my trip to Europe in 07 we're gonna meet up with another delegation! For 14 days we will be with strangers! Back in 07 summer loves budded and I formed strong family like friendships! Im nervous about it but hope it goes well like it did so long ago...I miss my summer love (just abit) and my besties! XD ahaha

Other then that me and Evil Spawns friendship has been doing very well! She finally came to me and opened up!! CAN YA BELIEVE THAT?!?!

OMG! AND BROTHER!! HE CAME BACK!!! 8D He is my childhood friend who eventually became Gangsterlicious's boyfriend and now ex boyfriend. He ditched our friendship for half a year but finally returned. Man I missed my only male best friend! He can really make me laugh. Fu fu fu! All is well :3

(I also got chewed out by band director #1. Scariest thing of maaa life. I even forgot my trumpet. tsk tsk tsk....e-e)

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  1. All I have to say: darn Itch.

    Awwww, Alice~. :|

    Skeleton and Animal can skip down Suck It Road together for all I care. :D

    Ooh, free to flirt. Have fun. ;P

    Well, the taboo subjects- do what you want, it's your life, but don't jump to things so carelessly. Not that you are- you've been thinking things over, which is good.


    Very glad things are going well with Brother again. All is well indeed~.