Saturday, March 27, 2010


Uwaaah what a week!!!

This week it was revealed that Dancer had a girlfriend and we stopped talking! I just didn't wanna be in that mess ^__^ he seemed rather shocked when I no longer gave him the attention he had quickly gained. Meh! Thats what cha get sucks!!!!

Me and Skeleton made up, went out and broke up like half an hour ago. Yes in one week XD woooo! Made up monday, began dating (again) tuesday, got into a fight friday and broke up saturday O_O TALK ABOUT INNER STRESS. Im sure Wacko Brother (codename) will have something to say when im in his class again ._.;

Cuz apparently my mommy/daddy issues and beginning to manifest! XD Honestly its not a big deal unless it hinders a relationships which is kinda did...since I ended up craving a cigarette. AHHHHH he so chewed me up for that!! He ended up calling me a bitch and yeah that just ain't gonna roll! Button helped me with my craving and I might try one soon fu fu fu!!

Animal and here henchmen were also a pain but screeeew them. I gots a bunny!

That kept us up all night @___@ we need a cage badly! Cuz the bin I got isn't big enough and he learns how to jump out quickly, he has peed on almost everything and it's a 24/7 job. Pheeeeew!! I'd rather has a kitty but this is a start!! I missed my volunteer hours chance so next week ims go into a collecting hours frenzy.

Heheh! Just wanted a quick update! Tis doooone, peace! XD

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