Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Injecting myself with confidence!

Shang Hai, Hong Kong, Egg Fu Young!
Fortune Cookie Always Wrong!

Today was intermeresting! XD

I had band first period today so me and Gangsterlicious waltzed over to my old history teacher, she is high on efil just like me! And was my favorite teacher last year :3 turns out that *still debating on codename* has her! During the visit we caught up on school stuff, why was over here ^///^' and stuff like that. XD Mayn! If I could hear her laughter one more time! XD She made it seem okay to laugh like I do!

-I have a loud, ever changing laugh that scares people. AHAAAAAA-

So my guard cliche and Gangsterlicious know about * and how extremely shy I am around him. It's ridiculous! I mean if it was anyone else I would still have my...balls. XD! But slowly and surely im gaining it! Thanks to seeing him alot. I just really hope that he doesn't think im always like that...weeee! Hope everything goes well!~

Hee hee Squirt and me just danced to 'Everybody want to be a cat.' XD! Cuuuute!~

anywho today! I took my last hard exam! The science one! I think I did decent for some reason it feel right..hmmm. I took a supaaa long nap! Refreshing! ^__^

Then was Pre- UIL. Oh my about epic failure on our last song. "The Joy" as Band director #2 calls it. The rest was okay, though in sight reading, oh my jebus their was a chunk that killed us. T^T good things is..PRE uil....gotta refine them high notes! Dx though I can hit it nao! ^__^ so the notes lower then that A are soundin smooooth!

Then afterwards I hung out with and old pal when * strolled in. Oh my eito. XD lets say my voice pitch got higher and I was flustered. Atleast Im no longer mute XD so thats pretty much whats my day has been about. XD Tomorrow Ima have to be at school at 6:30 for missing a Honor Society meeting because of Pre UIL. T_T wha. Oh well ima have to pull and all night soon for Dante's Inferno.


But on a brighter note!! The guard pack will begin to work on our spring show section! We'll be using a blend of the Last Friends OST 'Cold Brain' and 'Blind Reminder' YUSH! I will give it my all! Haha!~

Oh oh! Squirt went to the downtown aquarium and got me the
cutest White Tiger Plushie!! OMG!!! LOOKY LOOKY!! What should I call him?! x3

* = codename to be determined!


  1. Name him Chogo.
    I dunno why, he just looks like a Chogo.
    Or a Vera Wang. I dunno.

    And the fact that you're in band makes me smile :) I'm in band as well, but I'm visual ensamble. Color Guard FTW. B)

  2. omg me too!! im in both, might sound wacky but i lovin it! I decided to call it Vera Wang because the other nickname sounds to close to a idiot i once knew ^^;