Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pointless tests turn me into a lump of clay -w-

So today we took the states test(TAKS) boring!! I slept for almost two hours or spent time finishing up Through the Looking Glass. Jebus! I have never taken so long to finish a book!

Me and Gangsterlicious are gonna go see it saturday! (hopefully) really excited!

Today Im going to take my trumpet a bath, its really dirty ._.; Im waiting for Squirt to get here so she can help (most likely just watch as we talk away XD)
That way I won't be embarrassed when I ask Band Director #2 for help. -w-

Seems like Prince is making his reappearance. After discovering that in fact no princess exists in his world its like whoa. O.o let's simply leave it at that ^_^;

Lately me and Gangsterlicious have been finding ourselves hanging out with The Professor after school, she's become like an older sister with a awesome mean glare XD In her class we had a project to make our own board games. I fell in love with one of the
m..I literally offered to buy it once graded but I was denied at $13 dollars ._. the little game pieces were mice! myn had a chibi face, we played for awhile until I scored a card that made everyone go back to the bottom XD!

Doesn't that look delicious?! n-n

Ah I also wore a cutesy outfit onnnnn Monday, so I want to share :3
Though my face came out funny, XD;! Ah there you can see The Sun!! x3!

(sorry for bad quality, took with cell phone ._.;)

I really love how she really is there when some scary situations occur. I can feel her protective barrier surround me :3 because on Monday a old 'friend' of mine kissed me without me wanting it. I didn't like it. The next day he almost called me "Love" in spanish. A very disturbing position to be in. Especially since I know how he loses control with girls. Since the slip up I have been better at keep a distance. I told Gangsterlicious, The Sun, and Mandi over what happened. Me and Gangsterlicious have both been kissed like that before XD but Mandi, though I trust her I dont think she can really give me advice. She more of a friend I help and hang out with. The one who was making sure he didn't do anything was The Sun. Thank you dear ^__^

I had a brawl with Doofus. Kitty wouldn't let me swing! Jebus I hate being restrained. I almost swung at her, no wait I did swing (XD;;) For the record he provoked me! Grr he still owes me some two good hits. On a good note I also spoke to an old friend, we had a good time chatting since his band members also chimed in. ^_^ Hope it happens again!

Ah KAT-TUN came out with a new album! ^__^ tis been awhile since I've listened to them. It was really nice to hear Jin Akanishi's voice. His english is pretty clear except from some words. I love the songs "THE D-MOTION" & "A PAGE" Jin's hair do is cute.

Darn Journey.

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  1. I can't believe you tried to buy her game XD
    Oh, and I'm proud of you.