Monday, March 8, 2010

I had a smashing weekend! Look look!!

Jammin to Lanananayeej!! Unce unce unce!!

It all started ooooon friday! Me, The Sun, and Watatata!! went to apple bee's! I ate some tasty alfredo pasta! And was content for the rest of the day XD we talked alot and then went home like the good girls we are.

Wow that even sounds sarcastic even though technically we did. XD

Anywho! On Saturday! Me and Gangsterlicious finally managed to get to see Alice in Wonderland together!! Omg I loooved it!! I repelled all the
negative reviews, whooosh!!! I loved the Mad Hatter, and I'd honestly marry him! XD Though I freaked people out by admitting that in lunch todaaaay O.o Hee! Gangsterlicious's sisters decided to watch in 2D so I waited for them to finish. After being with an acquaintance we went to the arcade were Squirt joined us. Im so glad the two got along so well ^__^. I've realized that if my friends don't get along with her, I usually end up not liking them for it. XD we got pokemon phone charms (I GOT PIKACHU ^w^!!) and we played Tekken. Squirt beat Selene, was so funny XD! I had an awesome time *heart*

I also bought some manga (Pandora Hearts! Love it!) Which reminds me..I need a bookshelf, but where do you find some cute bookshelves at? O.o?

On Sunday I woke up and my mom told me we wouldn't be going
to church, before I knew it, it turned into Ladies day out! XD I was surprise at how my youthful my mom became! My grandma was just there and Squirt cheered up after she ate. My aunt who we shall codename with The Earth(because she is very earthy and youthful! Despite being the eldest in the family; My mom being the youngest XD!) She gave me this awesome necklace thats all earthy XD!

We went shopping all over the place! At Macy's I ventured into the china area and found this adorable set...I love it! I was texting Button the whole weekend and she felt my flaily-ness at a full force. X3!

I had to use my phone again wha. ;__;

Oh! on the way to the mall, these rowdy blondies went shizo when my mom apparently got to close to them. The one in the passenger seat literally slammed her hand against the window and swore rather loudly. My mom ignored them but my fused went ZZZIIIIPP!! If two pairs of sensitive ears hadn't been there those GRRRRRRS would've seen MY ghetto side. Yes I have one. XD (I just decided to not show it, especially after the Skeleton Scandal)

I bought some stuffies! Though since one of the items is a skirt im dubious about wearing it...unbeknownst to many I am very insecure about my legs. I usually wear tights, but this skirt is a no-tights compatible one! What to do?!

The we went to a store full of interesting things (I found a british trash can there yo! XD) I bought my own tea cup and tea! Earl Grey! Oh how I was dying to try it!!! I made it that night, I absolutely love it! It turned out to be the same brand as the pretty cups I saw at the mall but just an older set (which I clearly destroyed :3) yaaay! Which leads me to confess that I collect miniature tea sets... .w.
*coughbuymesomebuttoncough* XD!!! Jk jk. NOT! Maybe? XD

Next and finally we went to a Salvadorian Restaurant to eat! My fav!! Where my aunt and mother lost all worries and we're like moi and Squirt!! I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. This happened twice. My Grandma was just gawking at us the whole time. XD Knowing my laugh...ahahaha!!

Here is my mum after laughing. She looks so adorable :3!!

When we got home we all took a nap, my mother returned to her normal self but the memories were made! Yush!

Today I after school I made The Professor a bracelet. She liiiiked it. Yay!! Gangsterlicious made one too, I like her simple style! ^_^ Ah in regard to Skeleton. I dislike him. He has become her spawn and is a lost cause. ^__~ I recovered my part on my trumpet part!!*

*-See in my last sectional I totally bombed and was cut off a part by Band Director #2 T__T but with some help from Trumpet Buddy I gots it back babeh!!-

I managed to have a great day! though tomorrow begin the test slaughter! (Funny ima end it with my first SAT XD) Well im off to get ready!!

Oh and Old rival wore the bracelet. Heh!

OMG! Watatata! Introduced me to a major cutie last week....weeeeeeeee!

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  1. thanks for the following :D Very cute China set!!