Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Famous Couple Day!

So at school it is spirit week!! Today was famous couple day and as the otaku I am I took the opening to cosplay with Selene as Kaname and Yuki Kuran from Vampire Knight. XD!! Now I know they kinda aren't all that popular now since the anime ended way back when BUT, the manga is still going on so it's valid. XD Here are some of my favorite shots! :D

Clearly I'm out of character XD

I dont know what I was aiming for here XD

Awwwhh!! XD (she said yes!!)

Aside from today's otaku indulges, I have been slowly recovering from my cold. I still sound nasally!! Ewwww lol! I was dead for periods 1-6 then by 7th I was high O.o. Maaaayn!! However I have two classes that are in the failing red zone. EEEEPPPSS!!!

Overall life is good! I'm just still adjusting to my new work load. I do feel bad for falling asleep in my favorite class.. AP Psych. NOES! I wont do it anymores!

Tomorrow Im going to go to brothers place and watch a movie! Yay for early dismissal!!

Mwuhahaha Nephew time! We babysat him for an hour along with his sister and it made my day. :3

Mwuhahaha look at his epic cuteness!! XD

Yes I tried to copy it ;_;

I really loved her costume! So original! Even the button lights up! XD

Yay for pictures! ^o^!
Tis all!~

Fun Fact: My number one fear, is getting shot to death. Aye O.o

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jinny Is Sick :[

Like everyone else at my school I got sick. Since I have such a weak immune system it didn't take long for it to get bad ._. By 6th period I was already dead and unfocused. BAD TIMING!! I have so much homework that I can't rest properly ._. But I have skillfully planned out the rest of my weekend and I should survive...with a late lab report. (I have no idea how I'm gonna write it T_T)

While my fever was on a rampage I played with my toy transformers that, Anthony (sappy) gave me as gifts. ^__^ I love them! (I have the one Ken has! :D) Though I'm not addicted like him and buying them whenever I can XD; I think I'll do that with anime figures n_n!

Homecoming is next week. O_O I have no idea whether I want/plan to go or not. A lot of people say I should go, since I'm a senior and all...but ehhhhhh. If I do go, should I buy a new dress or recycle? (which is usually unheard of) But....???

Today I lost my YESTYLE virginity XD! I bought a cute satchel but it wont be arriving till Oct. 5. Whaaaaaaa!!! The site is addicting though XD I think I shall be shopping there regularly x3

Fun Fact: My mom bought two carton of OJ just for moi, I think I might turn orange O.o

Thursday, September 9, 2010

And then you smack into confusion! :o

For awhile it seemed like my world almost tipped over, but I managed to get back in shape. I'm goooood x]

School wise, never in my four years has it been so draining O_O like I can't do homework without napping because my mind is just so fried. Aiiish! I wish the headaches would stop they are worse then being drained. Yikes!!

I have been lovin AP psychology class and have been deciding wether to change majors..XD it was originally my first choice so I'm partly not surprised...but I'm stuck! Because I really want to be a surgeon too....I guess we'll see.

Today! Was our first Bio Lab for my 5th period class...I did most of the work in our assigned groups. XD I was not expecting that...I'm always the follower/slacker in the group. XD But hey! I enjoyed it ^o^!!

Though today I also lost my little bunny charm that I won in japan...TT^TT I seriously got upset.

(first day of school outfit btw c;)

You can see it dangling in this picture...UWAAAAAAH!!!!!! I went crazy retracing my steps with no avail, that's a big thing about me though...I am a VERY nostalgic person. Though I've learned to accept that, it can be pretty harming n-n;

Anywho on Sunday I had some fun! I hung out with some guy friends and it was the bomb!
Saturday should be shopping day with Selene and Santiago at the galleria!! Yaaaay!! Me excited XD

Fun Fact: I am the Queen of procrastination. I don't think I'll be giving up my crown. Sorry Ma'am!!