Thursday, September 9, 2010

And then you smack into confusion! :o

For awhile it seemed like my world almost tipped over, but I managed to get back in shape. I'm goooood x]

School wise, never in my four years has it been so draining O_O like I can't do homework without napping because my mind is just so fried. Aiiish! I wish the headaches would stop they are worse then being drained. Yikes!!

I have been lovin AP psychology class and have been deciding wether to change majors..XD it was originally my first choice so I'm partly not surprised...but I'm stuck! Because I really want to be a surgeon too....I guess we'll see.

Today! Was our first Bio Lab for my 5th period class...I did most of the work in our assigned groups. XD I was not expecting that...I'm always the follower/slacker in the group. XD But hey! I enjoyed it ^o^!!

Though today I also lost my little bunny charm that I won in japan...TT^TT I seriously got upset.

(first day of school outfit btw c;)

You can see it dangling in this picture...UWAAAAAAH!!!!!! I went crazy retracing my steps with no avail, that's a big thing about me though...I am a VERY nostalgic person. Though I've learned to accept that, it can be pretty harming n-n;

Anywho on Sunday I had some fun! I hung out with some guy friends and it was the bomb!
Saturday should be shopping day with Selene and Santiago at the galleria!! Yaaaay!! Me excited XD

Fun Fact: I am the Queen of procrastination. I don't think I'll be giving up my crown. Sorry Ma'am!!


  1. haha ur outfit looks crazy! it is like punkish grungy woopty doo!

  2. Thanks! XD I got a lot of comments on it!