Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Famous Couple Day!

So at school it is spirit week!! Today was famous couple day and as the otaku I am I took the opening to cosplay with Selene as Kaname and Yuki Kuran from Vampire Knight. XD!! Now I know they kinda aren't all that popular now since the anime ended way back when BUT, the manga is still going on so it's valid. XD Here are some of my favorite shots! :D

Clearly I'm out of character XD

I dont know what I was aiming for here XD

Awwwhh!! XD (she said yes!!)

Aside from today's otaku indulges, I have been slowly recovering from my cold. I still sound nasally!! Ewwww lol! I was dead for periods 1-6 then by 7th I was high O.o. Maaaayn!! However I have two classes that are in the failing red zone. EEEEPPPSS!!!

Overall life is good! I'm just still adjusting to my new work load. I do feel bad for falling asleep in my favorite class.. AP Psych. NOES! I wont do it anymores!

Tomorrow Im going to go to brothers place and watch a movie! Yay for early dismissal!!

Mwuhahaha Nephew time! We babysat him for an hour along with his sister and it made my day. :3

Mwuhahaha look at his epic cuteness!! XD

Yes I tried to copy it ;_;

I really loved her costume! So original! Even the button lights up! XD

Yay for pictures! ^o^!
Tis all!~

Fun Fact: My number one fear, is getting shot to death. Aye O.o


  1. whoa i never noticed ur hair was that curly

    looked like fun!

  2. uh yeah...I just recovered from a cold too >_> It was the first cold I've had in years and it sucked... I hope you get better soon.

    omg it feels like forever since I've done any cosplaying ahha you make me miss HS.

  3. I just recovered!! :D lets hope I dont get sick again T^T

    lol! awwh mission accomplished! XD jk!