Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hope! n_n

AHHHHH! I have a huge tendency to keep vanishing from blogger ._. shame on me! It makes me wonder if I should keep my blog .__.

Im currently at Selene's house working on a Bio Lab report. Today has been and will continue to be a very rough day e__e I just hope I can cram for my psych exam afterwards!!

So this month things really haven't gone as planned!! Against my will I was signed up to be part of the youth play at church. I am one of those people who will be pissed off if they have to give up sleeping in on Saturday. Whoops?

However, something changed. My grumpy attitude was smothered away by the kindness of the guest evangelist that came to visit (and directed our play) Eventually I was jumping off the walls!

Most of the cast were angels, as you can see XD

After a touching goodbye it gave me much needed hope for my life! Tis gave me the strength to face a major issue that I had going on. Im happy to say it's over now and all is well ^_^

Aside from that, school's just been..school. XD BUT! I did really well in my japanese lesson! I was quite happy since I had been sucking so much I had to cancel one lesson to have more time o___o

Oni-con is the end of this month! So excited!! Im all going girly thinking of what to wear ^x^

Well better get started on the Lab Report!!