Saturday, November 13, 2010


TT__TT I haz to much homework.

*sniff sniff*

I will be baaaaaack!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hope! n_n

AHHHHH! I have a huge tendency to keep vanishing from blogger ._. shame on me! It makes me wonder if I should keep my blog .__.

Im currently at Selene's house working on a Bio Lab report. Today has been and will continue to be a very rough day e__e I just hope I can cram for my psych exam afterwards!!

So this month things really haven't gone as planned!! Against my will I was signed up to be part of the youth play at church. I am one of those people who will be pissed off if they have to give up sleeping in on Saturday. Whoops?

However, something changed. My grumpy attitude was smothered away by the kindness of the guest evangelist that came to visit (and directed our play) Eventually I was jumping off the walls!

Most of the cast were angels, as you can see XD

After a touching goodbye it gave me much needed hope for my life! Tis gave me the strength to face a major issue that I had going on. Im happy to say it's over now and all is well ^_^

Aside from that, school's just XD BUT! I did really well in my japanese lesson! I was quite happy since I had been sucking so much I had to cancel one lesson to have more time o___o

Oni-con is the end of this month! So excited!! Im all going girly thinking of what to wear ^x^

Well better get started on the Lab Report!!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Famous Couple Day!

So at school it is spirit week!! Today was famous couple day and as the otaku I am I took the opening to cosplay with Selene as Kaname and Yuki Kuran from Vampire Knight. XD!! Now I know they kinda aren't all that popular now since the anime ended way back when BUT, the manga is still going on so it's valid. XD Here are some of my favorite shots! :D

Clearly I'm out of character XD

I dont know what I was aiming for here XD

Awwwhh!! XD (she said yes!!)

Aside from today's otaku indulges, I have been slowly recovering from my cold. I still sound nasally!! Ewwww lol! I was dead for periods 1-6 then by 7th I was high O.o. Maaaayn!! However I have two classes that are in the failing red zone. EEEEPPPSS!!!

Overall life is good! I'm just still adjusting to my new work load. I do feel bad for falling asleep in my favorite class.. AP Psych. NOES! I wont do it anymores!

Tomorrow Im going to go to brothers place and watch a movie! Yay for early dismissal!!

Mwuhahaha Nephew time! We babysat him for an hour along with his sister and it made my day. :3

Mwuhahaha look at his epic cuteness!! XD

Yes I tried to copy it ;_;

I really loved her costume! So original! Even the button lights up! XD

Yay for pictures! ^o^!
Tis all!~

Fun Fact: My number one fear, is getting shot to death. Aye O.o

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jinny Is Sick :[

Like everyone else at my school I got sick. Since I have such a weak immune system it didn't take long for it to get bad ._. By 6th period I was already dead and unfocused. BAD TIMING!! I have so much homework that I can't rest properly ._. But I have skillfully planned out the rest of my weekend and I should survive...with a late lab report. (I have no idea how I'm gonna write it T_T)

While my fever was on a rampage I played with my toy transformers that, Anthony (sappy) gave me as gifts. ^__^ I love them! (I have the one Ken has! :D) Though I'm not addicted like him and buying them whenever I can XD; I think I'll do that with anime figures n_n!

Homecoming is next week. O_O I have no idea whether I want/plan to go or not. A lot of people say I should go, since I'm a senior and all...but ehhhhhh. If I do go, should I buy a new dress or recycle? (which is usually unheard of) But....???

Today I lost my YESTYLE virginity XD! I bought a cute satchel but it wont be arriving till Oct. 5. Whaaaaaaa!!! The site is addicting though XD I think I shall be shopping there regularly x3

Fun Fact: My mom bought two carton of OJ just for moi, I think I might turn orange O.o

Thursday, September 9, 2010

And then you smack into confusion! :o

For awhile it seemed like my world almost tipped over, but I managed to get back in shape. I'm goooood x]

School wise, never in my four years has it been so draining O_O like I can't do homework without napping because my mind is just so fried. Aiiish! I wish the headaches would stop they are worse then being drained. Yikes!!

I have been lovin AP psychology class and have been deciding wether to change majors..XD it was originally my first choice so I'm partly not surprised...but I'm stuck! Because I really want to be a surgeon too....I guess we'll see.

Today! Was our first Bio Lab for my 5th period class...I did most of the work in our assigned groups. XD I was not expecting that...I'm always the follower/slacker in the group. XD But hey! I enjoyed it ^o^!!

Though today I also lost my little bunny charm that I won in japan...TT^TT I seriously got upset.

(first day of school outfit btw c;)

You can see it dangling in this picture...UWAAAAAAH!!!!!! I went crazy retracing my steps with no avail, that's a big thing about me though...I am a VERY nostalgic person. Though I've learned to accept that, it can be pretty harming n-n;

Anywho on Sunday I had some fun! I hung out with some guy friends and it was the bomb!
Saturday should be shopping day with Selene and Santiago at the galleria!! Yaaaay!! Me excited XD

Fun Fact: I am the Queen of procrastination. I don't think I'll be giving up my crown. Sorry Ma'am!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School Year Rant

It has been three days! Already. O_O to be honest I didn't even feel today go by!

Let's break done my courses!

1) AP Psych- I have it with Mr. Sterling! The teacher I went to Japan with! Needless to say, I am very comfortable in that class, and am intrigued by the subject. My table is great! We're the 'weird' table but hey, I'm okay with that!

2) Economics- This is a regular class so naturally it is rather slow paced compared to my other AP courses, but I could use a breather every now and then so I don't mind! I have that class with Cythinia, so I think that also makes the class waaay more tolerable then it would be.

3) AP Bio- Or the Lecture part of my Bio class. I have Gil in there! (The Ocean) so I am not alone, this subject will be the hardest one for my senior year. Since I want to be a biology major I refuse to let this one become my 'failing class' I genuinely want to succeed.

4) AP English- The teacher's voice annoys me and she reminds me of Ton Ton from Naruto. And maaan I'm not trying to be mean v_v Meh! That doesn't stop me from being eager to read Hamlet! I have this class with Cythinia, Emmanuel, Ana and Elidee (button) so it's all good! The teacher does not like our class XD! But that's because the other students, look at her mockingly with these smiles that clearly reveal what they're thinking.

5) AP Bio Lab- I have the class every other day, I have it with Selene yay!! :D though today I feel asleep for like 5-9 mins (man do I feel bad) seems like interesting lab will be going down in this class! It's also one semester so I should survive. If not I already have a study group, YUSH!

6) Medical Terminology- I have this on the days I don't have Bio Lab. It is an extremely small class! Only five girls in it! It also very quiet. I was going to get out but I don't want to over stuff my plate...although Anatomy is very tempting (dissecting!)..I have till friday to decide.

7) Pre AP Pre-Cal- I have a teacher that looks like Captain Barbossa, I kid you not!!! XD He calls me 'Pokemon' so it's fair XD This course might be alittle annoying with work but it'll be all good. I have the class with Kevin, d'awwh!

8) AP Spanish- I will most definitely polish my spanish writing skills, I am below average on it though I speak it pretty much perfectly. I mean I am hispanic -.-; Last class of the day! Woo! I have this class with Daniel (Old Rival!) and Erika from colorguard. There's also this band kid that resembles my cousin. So it's all good XD!

So overall my schedule doesn't suck! :] though it's already Day 3 and there's a issue going on. XD maaaaayn! This boy causes me panic attacks I kid you not! I went to Professor Honard to vent since Day Two. Lulz!!

Let's see how things flow? :3

Fact about Jin: I secretly have always wanted to try underground racing, I blame the Fast and Furious series!!! XD

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Giveaway Post!

Nehehe, I haven't posted in awhile but here's my first shot at a giveaway!

Check her blog for details ^_^v


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gao Gao!!

On Saturday my church held an event at a lake! It was a nice, I reconnected with the youth :]

I got sick Sunday night but Im okay now! ^_^

I have decided to ditch codenames, because...I find them pointless now. Their easy to crack and I have nothing to hide on here x3

So today, Selene (gangsterlicious) came over. We did some Bio work and then....stopped. XD I had fun! Seems like this Bio packet will never end. Haha!

Today in the mail I received a letter addressed to "Jin" Mind you, my real name is NOT Jin. That's a nickname...the letter was for me (Jin) to join the Navy...ROFL XD I wonder how that name leaked...O.o

To whoever is reading this, I still miss Japan T^T!!


Fun Fact: I can't wait to turn 18 to get a second set of piercings!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tia Jin XD

So yesterday was a productive day! Oh yuh!

Bought some stuff for my room (though now i'm broke -.-;) and visited the newest family member of the family! Liam! Pretty unique name too, my mum can't say it XD! He was quite the character when awake.

As you can tell he loved making funny faces and big lion like yawns XD though because of the no flash he came out looking rather red x_x!

Since August is here, school time is officially starting to bubble up! The one thing I love about that is, not the clothes shopping but the school supply shopping n_n!! I already spent 13 dollars on a pencil case XD uwaah so excited! It'll be my senior year! Time really does fly ^x^;

Tis all for now though, Bio homework is still not complete@__@

Fun Fact : My favorite pokemon is Piplup x3! Huzzah!

Monday, July 26, 2010


So lately I've been with the family which is something new to moi, summer band would always strip the chances away from me ToT! It was my neices birthday last week, so we all had a small get together at our uncles house. Our family is not normal, nor has it ever been. But that just makes picture taking so much fun! XD!

. . . I really hope she doesn't kill me for posting this XD

The families number of little people has been increasing and they are just too cute!!

Then there's the snapshot that made my day!


Me and Gangsterlicious have been busy trying to get some summer homework done, success? Eh it's getting done! XD So to reward ourselves we went to teh movies! We saw the Socerer's Apprentice. It oozed dorkiness, we enjoyed it XD


Thus ends my little update!~

Kuroshitsuji FTW!!

Random Facts! Because I always forget them~
1. I recently started playing pokemon...XD
2. I have recently gotten addicted to pancakes, nom nom nom!
3. In two weeks, I shall start learning how to drive! :o!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Ah! I haven't been posting! Epic failure .__.!

First of all! Here are the pictures of my Japanese adventure! :3

I made a seperate album for Japanese food too XD

Please, if you see my default picture, DO NOT BE SCARED!! XD It is an insider joke based on the Japanese movie Waterboys n__n!

I be the first one of the left. XD YUH.

Let's see so yesterday the World Cup ended. Needless to say I screamed my lungs out the moment Span scored. So did my mum. XD It was a very intense game overall, worthy of it being the final game. I felt sorry for Netherlands when I saw some player cry on the field. Buuuuut that lasted for so long. XD Nino Torres is my favorite player ^o^!!

Since my return my views on alot of things changed, leading me to make a very difficult decision so early in my senior year. I quit band. Yuppers! Man it was not easy. To whomever thinks it was...screw yourself. The decision was made after consulting with my Mom, Dad and Aunt. First of all I have sensitive skin and a sunspot to boot. I did not want to apply medicine all over my face every hour I was outside. Second I'm in a desperate frenzy to reach top ten percent. I'm five percent away. Yes I was offered help but it's not the path I wanted to take. Third, band just wasnt in my loop anymore and I have other activities I wanted to focus on besides my studying. (*cough* cooking and japanese lessons *cough*)

Even then, when I went to see Band Director #1 my heart went racing. My father had to call in quits. I couldn't even do it myself. And then Button stabs the sore spot. Like stabbing a egg yolk dramatically. (referencing Kuroshitsuji II XD) She disregarded my skin problem and other goals by simply stating "Your taking the easy way out." I wanted to gauge her eye out like Alois did to Hannah. (another reference XD) To be honest, I'm not over the comment. Me quitting is still a soft spot. It more than likely it will be for quite awhile.

On a brighter note, I have been doing other activities! :3 Morning prayers, watching anime, revamping my room, cooking lessons and starting tomorrow morning jogs! ^w^! Huzzah!

So that's what I have been up to .w.;! Jin out!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Home sweet....naaaah!

Im back.! I would sound more alive if the jet lag wasn't killing me. T___T I woke up at 4 AM (better then yesterday) and have been up since. I'm trying to do my summer homework but I just can't do it! Ahhhhhhh!

Anyways, Japan was amazing. I want to return asap. XD that might bring about interesting stories! I wish I could blog about everything but theres no way. meeeeeh!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Class of '10 :]

So! On the brink of me leaving graduation still is brewing greatness! XD I DID blow that loud horn when The Sun walked! Oh yeah!

I went to Travel Bud's (she is my loyal travel companion to japan :3) Graduation party the day before! It was fun to reconnect with the fellow seniors ^__^

(me and Travel Bud XD wee!)

Ta da! XD It was uber hot! I ended up going to another but no picture with the grad! Mainly because he is a conceited douche -__-; but its okay! I spent the time with X and box puzzle (had a uber minor crush on him)! The two are dating :o! Thats still abit funny to me but it'll pass!

Graduation! Here are so pictures of me and my senior buddies! They WILL be missed. They are better than some of my junior friends. How sad ._.

The Sun! She's the main reason I went, man I was so proud! She was Magna Cum Laude. Im trying to atleast grasp Cum Laude *panics!*

This is a colorguard buddy!

Here are some of my good rocker buds ^_^! Surprisingly enough the one of the right keep my faith strong when it would wither I owe him one!

That ish it! Today way the The Sun's Grad party, but I couldn't take any pictures! It was a water ballon fight. XD of massive proportions! There were so many balloons it was crazy! Though I will admit I hit some of the senior gals I didn't like. XD Huzzah! Squirt went too! I was glad to take her out before I leave! Tomorrow I shall spend it with her!

So about BCP. DARN THOSE LADIES AT THE PHARMACY! I had to get my refill because of the trip and when I told her what it was, I get it...a nasty look that brought me to tears. I honestly didn't know what was worse. That it brought me to tears or that she gave me that look. But whatever. That's a life lesson right? It better be.

Aside from that frenzy I got my haircut! Like Lightning from FF 13. Otaku right hur!! XD

XD Blurry pic! But I think came out good! Though it nu pink .w.

So this monday at 3:30 AM begins my trek! This will more than likely be my last blog till I return. I wonder what will await me there....n.n

Fun Fact!: I can't swim. This baffles me because I took lessons ._.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


On Wednesday Squirt graduated from the 5th grade! XD Time flies!! She's going to be a bandie like me next year and play the trumpet just like moi! I hope I can be of some use and teach her some basics...though right now my trumpet is in the shop and I can't practice this years music T__T scary!

This is Squirt with one of her besties! :3 She says I act like her sometimes...XD;
Walking into her classroom alot of her classmates knew me, XD I felt like a popstar!~
I also got to meet Squirt's crush....=w= what a cute little boy! Yay! XD

Aside from that my summer vacation has been Squirt and me being total otaku's -w-! Watching loads of anime and playing KH II! (wanna be refreshed before birth by sleep comes out on Sept. 7th!) I must say I think it's time well spent!

Today I will be going to two grad parties! Let's see how that goes! Im not much of a party person yet (parents are strict -.-;) Hopefully I'll post tomorrow ^__^

9 days till japan!!! I can't believe the countdown has begun!! O_O!!! Ah!

Well that's all I have to get ready!

Fun Fact: Im eager to try MAC but every time I go in, the sales person that helps me is always u mean or in a bad mood so I simply walk out, yay sephora! XD;

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Last Day being a Junior!

Uwah! So it's over! No more school till Aug.! I completed this small hell year! I am a Junior Theme Project Survivor! What am I honestly happy about though? Sleeping in! Hellz yeah! All that aside though , today I went in regular time to hang out with Button! Last night she called me her best friend!!! I was honestly shocked because I wasn't expecting that but I got so happy!! ^_^ hee hee!

Me and Button walked near the campus to a donut place! It was uber full but I got chocolate milk and a kolache :3 (those places are so cute!) we then walked to the band hall. Band Director #2 made us clean though...but guess who didn't clean? XD MOI! I simply walked around till the next exam because then The Sun would join us! :D Then off we went to...

Staples!!! Yes, THAT Staples. XD the beloved office supply store! The Sun and me are school supply fanatics and I had been yet to visit a Staples store so it was only natural! It was not boring at all!! We examined each section! We got to the signs...XD

Huzzah! This is The Suns shot!

And mine XD see when I'm around them it's okay to not worry about the pressures of a idiotic image :3

Button didn't take any *frown* but she did at a $2.00 sign on a webcam XD (darn! forgot to take a pic of it!) Wonder how many people will fall for it!

So as our little tour was coming to an end we saw it. Post-It Heaven in all its glory! Post-its save my life! My memory can be pretty crummy and so I post them along my mirror frame so that every time I pass by they'll nag at me. It works! I have yet to get my Caramel Frapp. v.v (a post-it reminder) XD
Ta-da! I look so dorky but it was all colorful and begging to go home with me. I resisted though but that was because..

They have a little stand where you can buy things in a little tub and stuff as much small supplies in it all for the convenient price of $6 bucks! We split the space and price and dug in!

Here are the girls happily choosing stuff! So we all agreed that experience was worth more than the supplies XD we were all giddy and thinking of how to maximize the amount of things we could fit in it! Yes we are nerds XD

In the end we even got a Staples card each! For we shall be back! (and my 2nd cousin works there :o)

So after that we went to Best Buy but that was no fun! So skip! Back to school we went. There I saw Gangsterlicious and Brother! We didn't get to hang out but that was okay, I understand that she wanted to be with her boo boo ;3

At school I spent the day in Professors class. We chatted, I organized her library and made her a letter and got lazy XD Her class was a haven for me during the year though. If something was wrong I knew I could go to her and she'd listen. She helped me and Gangsterlicious so much! She is like a big sister and KH sista! :3 This is a look into her room!

This is a view from her desk! From behind here I would flee too when Skeleton was being a jerk and from that podium Gangsterlicious and I would speak at CWC meetings! Even my project is on the wall XD To the left was the reading corner where I would nap :3

I know this entry is mega long n.n' eheh! But for those who read through, Congrats! May the force be with yew! XD

Wacky Jin Fact: At my cousins wedding I got stuck in the elevator on the 9th floor at the reception. (was at a fancy hotel) the adults however never found out and the kids? Well I got teased. XD

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Serious cool chick? Ehh.

Males be weary of this entry.

So today was my first day with the BCP. I originally didn't plan on mentioning what I was taking but if the Designer Student ( did then I can too... :]

First I'd like to say that I need it because my hormones don't function properly thus I need them so I can have normal periods like every other normal girl (among other things like my acne)...It took a long time before this problem was fixed so I was happy that I could finally fix it but then...

I'm a very free spirited person. I'm not afraid to say what I feel or think, nor do I let rules define what I do. However I do have morales..I come from a religious family so I make sure not to shame least not in stereotypical ways (like sex, drugs, etc. etc.) but in school I seem to have made that image of a wild girl. I have no idea how but guys have come and asked me obscene things, I usually just brush them off and go on about my day. This image runs through other girls mouths too...only my closest friends know me so I don't let that bug me either.

But what happens when the good guys stay away from you because of the bad image they think you have? When I realized that was happening to me I felt crushed...especially now that I have to take birth control. If word got around I'm dead. The image would seem even more real. Dang it...I hate it. My mum has it as a super dark secret no one but us two (and The Sun, Button, and Gangsterlicious) are to ever know. I hate the fact that I need it. Even my mum warned me not to use it for the wrong reasons.. ._.

Now I realize why it's so embarrassing...

Fun Fact.
I once bit into green play doh. I too fell for the temptation of seeing how it tasted..x]

Monday, May 24, 2010


YUSH! I finally have internet back! It was gone because we we're switching companies :/ but glad it's back! We have Comcast agains!

So Fishy went back into his regular lifestyle..he just was another jerk *shrugs* eh it happens no? The Sun as always is helping me and I'm glad when I can offer support to her too!

Today I presented a poem! I will post it later since my teacher has it, I got good reviews for it! :D I was so nervous but I was able to calm down and simply focus of it! Score!!

So there's a new fad going on in band! It's called Jumpstyle! I stumbled upon it one day after school when I entered the small band hall and like there was a line of four bandies doing it! (one was a girl!) They were in sync and it looked AMAZING! Because of the girl being in it I was like "I want to do this!"

here's a pretty good tutorial! I learned the first one today! :D I'm still a noob at it and all but I have hope! I think I learned pretty fast! o(^__-)O woo! It's a great stress reliever! Especially since..

If I don't get exempt from my finals and have to take them I KNOW I will fail them and fail the course. I can't afford summer school or else there would go my japan trip! AHHHH! So far I have english done and algebra II I just have to pass a quiz and physics...we have been having a sub so I'm dubious! Ah must make it though! YUSH!

So tis all!

Fun facts! 3! (since I forgot to put those in my other entries...)
1. When I was little I told my dad I wanted to be an elephant, when he asked me more seriously I answered a witch. XD I think thats MLIA worthy!

2. I wanted to learn how to break dance but prefer jumpstyle nao! WORD!

3. I have a superior feminist complex at times XD

Thursday, May 13, 2010



So colorguard try-outs just JUST finished! And I was all iffy and doubtful because my audition had been horrid!! So I mentioned me wanting to do trumpet! Then Band Directors # 1 and 2 say "You have been doing very well this spring you should march a spot." SO GUESS WHAAAAT! IM MARCHING 8D!! Im so happy! This is one step towards Temple University and not feeling regret for the great hiatus on my playing! I was so happy I almost cried XD I will be doing winterguard though! Uwaaaah!~

MAYN!~ I haven't written in forever. I missed it ;___;!!

I took my AP exam!!! I knocked out so I dunno how I did on it XD...

Lately I've been having alot of doctor appointments for various reasons and it's been all ACK!! one is for my skin, which right now is very dry and irritated, I think I overdosed my skin with the acne medicine....XD

OMGEEEEE I stayed up with fishy last night (he couldn't sleep) so I'm like operating on 5% energy. I need foood and sleep! Well me and fishy are like on a roller-coaster behind on here to share..;_; when something major happens I shall post!

OMG button...XD she likes girls! She's Bi! I didn't know! But I wanted her to carry me monkey style today! AP test made my brain into mush! That and yeah no sleep! But I have no regrets! ^__^v

I might add later but not nao!! x3

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fantasia alla marcia~

Me and Gangsterlicious matching! :3

Man it's been forever!! Times two ;D
I haven't blogged since forevers because of JTP. A 50 page book report. It was stupid and life draining I was so happy that it was over when I turned it in Monday morning xwx
My Presentation of it Tuesday was short, simple and sweet ;D

This was at Gangsterlicious's house. I practically lived there for the weekend! To be quiet honest I miss the family and pets! The Wowow (doggy) really liked me ^_^ I can't have pets so it was awesome! In one of our scarce breaks meow meow fell asleep on me, it was such a cute position I had to take a picture! XD
Awwwh! n.n

Anyways! The stress of it all has barely worn off, and I got a fever so I'm a tad sick and it sucks. I have such a weak immune system v.v so right now we're taking TAKS otherwise known as the state's yearly easy test. Sadly no one close to me has T as their last name so I in my testing room I have a handful of interesting people to say the least! Though I simply get to watch.

So Fishy came back. Out of nowhere! He texted me with the lyrics from Vanilla Twilight. I feel like I'm walking into a spider web with that...but of wells, I also do walk into it XD

Lately I've been zooming through the KH series, so when Birth By Sleep comes out I'll be ready! I love Riku....!! One day I shall find my Riku!

XD Hil-ar-ious!
I feel so loooopy! XD my goodness. Nom nom nom now off to raid the kitchen!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Prettiest duck I saw there, XD though once I took out the camera it hid from me so I had to chase it around -w-;

Soooo! My fathe bought wormies and fishies as live bait, we barely used the fake ones. So sad! Me and squirt showed our earth lovers side by letting some of the bit free XD wee!

This is the best picture of the overall view, ne it was a nice change of routine! As you can see there's my father and Squirt. XD

After like two hours of catching anything in that spot, we moved. XD I took such a funny picture of Squirt looking like a...squirt?

Doesn't she look uber tiny?! XD!! Roflcoptor~

I turned out to be a pretty okay fishier! ;D though we most certainly did have our laughs because it was our first time. Like I had a tendency to decapitate my worms or fling my fish off the hook...or slam our fishing rods everywhere on the ground...(however it some cases, I casted better then my father fu fu fu~)
So we didn't catch fish...but after a rest room break my father had caught something...DUN DUN DUN!!

Yes, a turtle. It swallowed the stupid hook too!! We got it out and tried to take it out but it was no use ._. in one of my attempts to help it, it bit me really hard and wouldn't let go. DUDE IT STILL HURTS. T____T my father cut of the string, so let's hope it passes through it's digestive system okay!

And this concludes my first real day of fishing...XD! Ta Daaaa!

We go our shoes wet in our rush to save the turtle so as of right now, both me and Squirt are now sick with a common cold...XD

Wacky Jin Fact: I have two size 2 gauges that my parents haven't taken notice of. XD

Friday, April 16, 2010

Day of Silence! Completed!

I did it with Button and Evil Spawn! It's a national youth thing for gays, lesbians, bis, and transgenders! :3 It was hard! In all my regular classes alot of dunces teased me and tried to make me talk, one kid even shook my desk v.v so ignorant! I had a flyer taped on my sweater so I wouldn't have to write to tell them why I wasn't talking however once school was over I concluded my day of silence. Nehehe!

In my 52 period with Old Rival though...things got pretty intense. Wacky of course was proud of me (he read the sign) and once again urged me to leave Houston. He seemed so desperate that it got me thinking about Temple University all over again...but anyways, Wacky's wife came (she's a sub on campus) and I got teased by them!! Old Rival happily joined but not for long because soon they began to tease us. Saying me and Old Rival should be an item. I know I blushed and made odd faces. Old Rival simply tried to brush it off or what be like "What?!"...but I couldn't help but wonder if he really is nonchalant about it. I mean Wacky keep telling us how he does care about me and it made things very hot in that cluttered room!! But whatevvvver.

That was the highlight of my day! Oh! And sleeping in 7th period! I was spared the misery!! *happy dance*

Once home my mother told me, my nephew had gotten worse. I really want to see him but she won't let me. Usually my mom and me don't do much together, but today her, Squirt and I went to Super Target. XD I usually never go to these places so it was, in it's own dorky way, fun! Like I walked around playing with a slinky...n__n

I restocked on some face supplies (-w-); and bought a small Harajuku Lovers perfume!! Different girls have different scents so I was happy that it was tiny, incase I didn't like it. I got Music :3 so far I like it ^__^

Ta da!!!
The other highlight of the trip was buying a replacement piggy bank for the one my mom broke. Though I prefer the other one, this one will most certainly do!

It's already in the old piggy's place TwT neeee!~

Anywhoooo! Aside from that tomorrow we're suppose to go fishing with my father...I really wonder how that's going to go...XD well gotta get ready! Hope I catch something tomorrow XD!

PS! Before I forget I have made a mini plan to write something about me on every post! Todays is: I only date asian guys. XD!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quiet Day!

Sappy said I had ducky lips e_e

As my title reads today was a rather quiet day! Mainly because alot of band kids left for their UIL today and we're gone for most if not all of the day. So I was not really myself.

I ate buffalo wings today. Wing Wang Done! (insider!) They were very heavenly. XD

Evil Spawn came back! Got camera! Yush!

Gangsterlicious is going through tough times. I hope I'm strong enough to help her through..

So about the fakey-ness of the group...*sigh* I notice some of it vividly and other times it's blurry. No wonder it took so long for me to notice. It bothers me yet I usually let it slide.

Anywho! Pictures of Crayfish day! XD

XD Horsey has a big smile!

As you can see Horsey has pretty mad expression skills XD

And this is our manly tray of all the crayfish we ate ;3!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shivering through the night.

So my day was molded very early into the night (one AM) when a couple outside my house, literally, yelling at each other so loudly it woke me up. That took me back to some horrid events in my life and yeah I became that shivering kicked puppy people tend to kick even more. And thats exactly what happened to me at school! It was awful! However I was spared 7th period. I was thankful.

Anywho! Today was UIL for my band level. I got to see The Ocean in band. I waved at him and while trying to wave at Button too ended up messing around with The Ocean. XD I really like how close we are now XD which I'm really not trying to sound mushy!

The Ocean and The Sun both gave me a hug and I was even lifted in the air, I felt like a little girl getting hugged by her loving parents. Ahhhhhh! That really began to fix my day! Like you have no idea...

I mean I had class with Old Rival today and had our daily moment but I dont know...we have an odd friendship lol. I stayed in Wacky's classroom trying to stabilize myself. It did work abit until lunch was over and the noise bothered me.

UIL was at Childhood's school! (codename! ;3) I miss her! She was my first friend in elementary school and best friend until she moved in the 2nd grade. We were like the popular girls! Maaayn! I didn't get to see her though, she missed us by like 5 minutes! So Close!!

I sat with Sappy in the bus. (codename!) I think he still likes me lol. Ahhhh!! Oh well he has a gf! I have no idea how to react to that but just try to keep it cool. He is a kid from my band who tried to date me...didn't work out. He was too easy to control. In my opinion!

We got 2-2-3 in our performance and 2-2-2 in sight reading!! Band Director #2 said she was pleased. I was expecting worse to say the least. But it's a start for our first year in competition!

Today!!!!!! My milk bag arrived! Talk about great service!! I was very pleased with my purchase!

As you can see I have a messy room...XD but yeah! Now Squirt wants one. XD

Well I just woke up and now I have to get ready for school. Yuckies! But from a very bad day...I'm glad it didn't end as bad as it started.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Has been an odd craving lately. Milk is so good! I have recently found myself obsessed with every that has Kawaii Milk on it!
I even bought a small pink milk bag from! Cost me an argument over spending money recklessly with my mom but was worth it XD

So the little party at Evil Spawn's place was pretty sweet ^__^ I had fun even though I ate too much crayfish and almost got ill (Horsey took care of me though) XD will post pictures once Evil Spawn gives me my camera back. She hasn't been to school.

What happened after the party changed the way I look at my friends from band forever. I realized how they don't really care about each other much less me...The Ocean also realized this and we bonded today at lunch for it XD Button also knows though those two are not on good terms ._.

But anyways! I see Horsey differently now, I feel warmth towards her as she truly cared when I didn't even expect it. The ACT was easier then the SAT XD My nephews birthday party was canceled, he got chicken pox the poor thing is quarantined T_T me sad!!

My addiction to candy is costing me alot of money....XD

On monday I wore my favorite skinny jeans!! They are so comfy and I love 'em! So they deserve to be mentioned here XD my old pair died on me last year -w-

Anywho I had a small odd moment with Old Rival. He irritated me and I couldn't control it so Wacky moved me from the table. We made up afterwards though and I got happy XD

Today I got really light head after school during band. I could barely play and it freaked me out. I guess I should've eaten more but I can't help it that the cafeteria food sucks...but yeah still not recoverd. The Sun gave me such a warm hug today! ^___^ I haven't have one of those in awhile, *heart*

Welps that's all for today!! Pheeew I missed blogging...nehehe new addiction XD

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I juuuuuust got home! YAY! *victory dance*

I got exactly 15 hours completed as of just now! Oh my jebus...*tear*

So today was a pretty chilled day, I even twirled my physics teacher aro
und when my sugar was giving me it's last bit of help XD

Lately I have been bingeing on candy, mainly twizzlers and chocolate! The only thing is sometimes (especially in the morning) I crave chocolate so much I go into a frenzy! But hey I see nothing wrong with that!

Today in class me and Old Rival had a moment during class .///.

Ah Gangsterlicious and me ran the Creative Writers Meeting! We're preparing for next year, hopefully reel in some more members! I hope Evil Spawn and Mama will come back since band UIL will be over soon! Which reminds me! Trumpet buddy was not here today nor will he be here tomorrow! I played fairly better then before (I'm the only trumpet player playing first), I just panic when we have to sight read. I plan on focusing back after UIL because by then alot of stress will be gone! Woo!~

Today I saw Gangsterlicious cry. She read some of the texts Brother sent me about them. He was a bit harsh. I felt so hopeless and wish I had done something better! We vented with The Professor about school! She kindly encouraged us and told us to not let our family pressure us with the molds they have for us. Ah...Ima text her to see if she's okay.

I cracked the code on Button's blog! Im some shiny metal XD!

Let's seee all that's left in my schedule this week is some test in english (not taking it seriously -__-;) playing the trumpet during a non band period and a small gathering at Evil Spawn's place, ACT and nephews 1st birthday (I need to get him a gift! But what do you give a one year old boy??) I should be goooood! Phew!! ^^v

Oh oh and mi hair! I got half bad and half good reviews! At lunch some kid loudly said "Look at her sex hair!!!" Whoa...O.o LULZ!