Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jinny Is Sick :[

Like everyone else at my school I got sick. Since I have such a weak immune system it didn't take long for it to get bad ._. By 6th period I was already dead and unfocused. BAD TIMING!! I have so much homework that I can't rest properly ._. But I have skillfully planned out the rest of my weekend and I should survive...with a late lab report. (I have no idea how I'm gonna write it T_T)

While my fever was on a rampage I played with my toy transformers that, Anthony (sappy) gave me as gifts. ^__^ I love them! (I have the one Ken has! :D) Though I'm not addicted like him and buying them whenever I can XD; I think I'll do that with anime figures n_n!

Homecoming is next week. O_O I have no idea whether I want/plan to go or not. A lot of people say I should go, since I'm a senior and all...but ehhhhhh. If I do go, should I buy a new dress or recycle? (which is usually unheard of) But....???

Today I lost my YESTYLE virginity XD! I bought a cute satchel but it wont be arriving till Oct. 5. Whaaaaaaa!!! The site is addicting though XD I think I shall be shopping there regularly x3

Fun Fact: My mom bought two carton of OJ just for moi, I think I might turn orange O.o

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