Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School Year Rant

It has been three days! Already. O_O to be honest I didn't even feel today go by!

Let's break done my courses!

1) AP Psych- I have it with Mr. Sterling! The teacher I went to Japan with! Needless to say, I am very comfortable in that class, and am intrigued by the subject. My table is great! We're the 'weird' table but hey, I'm okay with that!

2) Economics- This is a regular class so naturally it is rather slow paced compared to my other AP courses, but I could use a breather every now and then so I don't mind! I have that class with Cythinia, so I think that also makes the class waaay more tolerable then it would be.

3) AP Bio- Or the Lecture part of my Bio class. I have Gil in there! (The Ocean) so I am not alone, this subject will be the hardest one for my senior year. Since I want to be a biology major I refuse to let this one become my 'failing class' I genuinely want to succeed.

4) AP English- The teacher's voice annoys me and she reminds me of Ton Ton from Naruto. And maaan I'm not trying to be mean v_v Meh! That doesn't stop me from being eager to read Hamlet! I have this class with Cythinia, Emmanuel, Ana and Elidee (button) so it's all good! The teacher does not like our class XD! But that's because the other students, look at her mockingly with these smiles that clearly reveal what they're thinking.

5) AP Bio Lab- I have the class every other day, I have it with Selene yay!! :D though today I feel asleep for like 5-9 mins (man do I feel bad) seems like interesting lab will be going down in this class! It's also one semester so I should survive. If not I already have a study group, YUSH!

6) Medical Terminology- I have this on the days I don't have Bio Lab. It is an extremely small class! Only five girls in it! It also very quiet. I was going to get out but I don't want to over stuff my plate...although Anatomy is very tempting (dissecting!)..I have till friday to decide.

7) Pre AP Pre-Cal- I have a teacher that looks like Captain Barbossa, I kid you not!!! XD He calls me 'Pokemon' so it's fair XD This course might be alittle annoying with work but it'll be all good. I have the class with Kevin, d'awwh!

8) AP Spanish- I will most definitely polish my spanish writing skills, I am below average on it though I speak it pretty much perfectly. I mean I am hispanic -.-; Last class of the day! Woo! I have this class with Daniel (Old Rival!) and Erika from colorguard. There's also this band kid that resembles my cousin. So it's all good XD!

So overall my schedule doesn't suck! :] though it's already Day 3 and there's a issue going on. XD maaaaayn! This boy causes me panic attacks I kid you not! I went to Professor Honard to vent since Day Two. Lulz!!

Let's see how things flow? :3

Fact about Jin: I secretly have always wanted to try underground racing, I blame the Fast and Furious series!!! XD


  1. Hey, I just hopped over to your site via Stumbleupon. Not somthing I would normally read, but I liked your thoughts none the less. Thanks for making something worth reading.

  2. you are lucky, i was only allowed to take 3 APs maximum at my high school!

  3. @LA Support: Thank you! your welcome :]

    @Ken: I really am, it gives me a shot to reach top ten percent!! (currently top 15)