Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gao Gao!!

On Saturday my church held an event at a lake! It was a nice, I reconnected with the youth :]

I got sick Sunday night but Im okay now! ^_^

I have decided to ditch codenames, because...I find them pointless now. Their easy to crack and I have nothing to hide on here x3

So today, Selene (gangsterlicious) came over. We did some Bio work and then....stopped. XD I had fun! Seems like this Bio packet will never end. Haha!

Today in the mail I received a letter addressed to "Jin" Mind you, my real name is NOT Jin. That's a nickname...the letter was for me (Jin) to join the Navy...ROFL XD I wonder how that name leaked...O.o

To whoever is reading this, I still miss Japan T^T!!


Fun Fact: I can't wait to turn 18 to get a second set of piercings!


  1. You're going to join the navy!?

  2. No! It was a letter trying to get me to join! XD

  3. LOL thats such a Coincidence =)
    and good luck with your bio work!!