Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tia Jin XD

So yesterday was a productive day! Oh yuh!

Bought some stuff for my room (though now i'm broke -.-;) and visited the newest family member of the family! Liam! Pretty unique name too, my mum can't say it XD! He was quite the character when awake.

As you can tell he loved making funny faces and big lion like yawns XD though because of the no flash he came out looking rather red x_x!

Since August is here, school time is officially starting to bubble up! The one thing I love about that is, not the clothes shopping but the school supply shopping n_n!! I already spent 13 dollars on a pencil case XD uwaah so excited! It'll be my senior year! Time really does fly ^x^;

Tis all for now though, Bio homework is still not complete@__@

Fun Fact : My favorite pokemon is Piplup x3! Huzzah!