Thursday, March 4, 2010

Darn you for being a coward!!

Today I had a regular day, used eyeliner that crumbled into my eyes..(NEVER USING DRUG STORE BRANDS EVER AGAIN) very nu bueno!

and I just woke up from a nap and mi eyes burn!! Lately they have been for sometime. I have to remember to buy eye drop. Hmm so I'm a tad bit grumpy. ^-^;

Today we had trumpet sectionals. I didn't warm up properly and my lips got tired really quickly and I sucked during the whole thing! I ended up getting cut from a part. I was like "I understand" but inside I was yelling "GIVE ME MORE TIME, ANOTHER SHOT PLEAAAASE!!" Mayn!! Im not giving up, Pre UIL is next week, I can work on my range till then, then bust a move!! XD (Hopefully) If not I plan to reach that darn A anyway cuz I gotta reach my goal!!

Aside from that Evil Spawn tortured me today, by making me have to make a clothes hanger contraption to reach a note and then having to solve two puzzles. AHHH its like she's so intent on missing me that she wont try to fix the problem! So frustrating! But Im still here. Ahaaaaa! Doesn't that say something? But like Button one day I could just snap..

(btw screw Old Rival! He never wore the bracelet)

Ah tis all for today! XD tomorrow is Friday! And the guard group might go out to eat again! We did go to buffalo wild wings and I burned my mouth with spicy wings. XD funny!!

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