Monday, March 22, 2010


Spring break is over! Yush! XD

Mayn! Okay so I took my SAT on the first saturday of our beloved break...lets just say for the ACT im so eating breakfast e.e I barely made it! I knocked out
afterwards :3

So during the break I caught Insomnia at a full blow. Like I was sleeping till 2-3 AM when I'm the kid who used to sleep in the bandhall; trying to snag as many minutes possible. QUE PASO?! Aiiiesh! Oh well! I bonded with Button because of it and even The Sun joined me. Was very nice :3

I resumed my bracelet making! Man I have enough to last my awhile XD I need to restock my my letters though..and get a hefty container cuz some are in a small crate thingy and others in cups XD;

The other major thing that I did during my break was watch korean dramas! I zoomed through Coffee Prince (KIM JAE WOOK FTW) and am almost done with You're Beautiful. Mayn they are so much better then Hispanic Novelas but You're Beautiful keeps making me cry. AGGGH! Afterwards Ima watch one more (whom the Dancer reccomended; who is Dancer? Look below) then take a break! DX they make me feel sad!

Lately I've grown a huge fandom for Break from Pandora Hearts. (anime)

Uwah!! See! Ain't he uber cute?! Ahem! Anywho I have adopted the way he has his eyeliner, see how its kind of pointy? I tried it today at school only one eye has been successful XD Ah I will master it though~!! Im also eating a lollipops 24/7 like him heheh!!~

OMG so * is now Dancer XD I think that after a long pause of not talking we have had a moment. Oh my jebus! Was so happy but then i got drowsy and ruined it...^^; (says I have abit of a freaky family now) tis all Im gonna reveal. DX but today I saw him and sorta hung out with him. I was able to be myself! Though my heart was beating so fast I think I acted abit odd o.O wonder what he thinks...

After he left and I went into the Bandhall where I got a text...from SKELETON. O_______O He said he missed me and asked to be friends!!! Guess what!! I accepted!! *w* was very happy! Like Gangsterlicious said Mondays are good days OwO hard to believe ehhhh? I cant wait to hug him! Mayn! Though something makes me uneasy...The Ocean's ex. Codename = Animal. Cuz thats how I think she is. Might seem very harsh but maaayn v.v; it's a deep thing. *twitch twitch*

Ah The Professor recommended me for the English AP exam!! Im going to start studying cuz I'm so proud of myself!!! I just need to work on my Essays darn them! But chea....^^;

Oh and thanks to Shu my little white tiger is now Vera Wang!! which means its a girl...XD Sank you! ^__^

OMG!!! Killer Tomatoes has this cute miniature bunny! And I want one!!! ahhhhh!!!!!! Me and The Sun want one!! AHHHHHH SO MEONE GET MI THE MINI BUNNY NAO!! pwease?

(had a prissy tantrum, bite me.)

You can see my break bracelet and the one Dancer inspired me to make XD the pointy eyeliner is hard to see but it there n.n;

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