Friday, February 26, 2010

Hee hee!

Old rival ended up taking the bracelet XD after taking it off, playing with it and ignoring it. that weirdo. The Sun is keeping an eye on it, to see if he's wearing it. I be anxious.

I practice ze trumpet yesterday! But I haven't today ._. pooy! I ended up getting sick! Cuz after school I was with Mohinder and Gangsterlicious and I ate ice cream...dumb I know! XD

However on Thursday we had trumpet sectionals (something I had previously refused to go to...) and I pwned! 8D well I thought so. When Band Director #2 told me to play something I was flawless! (something very rare to me after my year hiatus) and Trumpet Buddy grabs my slide and slams it in. Making me lose my in-tune balance. LIKE WTF. He's laughing hard and im stunned and Band Director #2 ignores us. I had to admit though that was a nice move. Though afterwards I never regained my previous tone -.-;

Ah thanks to a lunch discussion I've decided that I want to live in a fashion capital. XD

Which leads to yesterdays blog searching ^__^ I found some awesome ones that I'm determined to pick up more fashion sense from. I mean for the past week I wore nothing but comfy clothes to school. Not exactly what attracts the Prince's ever rare glance.

So that in turn reminds me that. March 5th is almost here! :D! My outfit is pretty much done with but I do question hat or no top hat?

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