Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sometimes even the Mad Hatter gets scared.

Today was great! Evil spawn came over and we (more like her) beat two 1/2 worlds! :D I plan to bet KH I this weeks so I can lag on Chain of Memories and then enjoy KH II better. XD its like i just want to get this one out of the way XD; I heart riku!~

Today! Oh my buddha! I was with Gangsterlicious and The Prince was there and it was all a ruckus. I had to stop a fellow pal from leaving and Gangsterlicious had just said The Prince's real name so instead of yelling out for my pal I yelled out The Prince's name. Talk about sticking my foot in my mouth!!! I couldn't believe he didn't even hear. Me and Gangsterlicious roared with laughter. And Brother acted all nonchalant that is was ridiculous and funny -w-


Anywho I had a great day with Old Rival yesterday that I even made him a bracelet, he better like it. Hmph!

So I have made up my mind when it comes to my trumpet! I want to be as good as the juniors are. Atleast. I would like to play the trumpet at Temple University (If I go) so I plan to get in shape. Trumpet Buddy is suppose to help me. Since the guard season is basically over I gotta buckle down. One of journey's best friends also inspired me. He is a music major and in both wind ensemble and symphony! Talk about talented foo! If only I hadn't been a coward back in 10th grade...ugh! Oh wells gotta push through!

Aside from that things have been swell! Skeleton still stings but I'm getting better at it. Can't wait to practice my thats a first (WHICH IS VERY BAD) better late then never...what scares me is the auditions...what if it dont make them??!?

Tomorrow should prove to be a blog worthy day so I shall leave this one alone, since clearly my mind is clogged with the thoughts of band...

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