Friday, February 5, 2010

Hell hole.

Today a horrible event happened. A teacher created such a big drama (I have told the story so much that I dont have the energy to tell it again -_-) that I ended up infront of the Honor Society Council. I waited for a good three hours before seeing them. I saw kids leave crying and speaking of 'Satan' apparently a horrible lady who would kill you to the core. I was so nervous that my fingers got ants all over and I would see black dots. I have no idea how I looked infront of the council. After telling my story, which I proudly confess had zero bluffs :D, 'Satan' was on my side!! I felt so happy that I didn't get chewed up. I thanked God foo shoo. On monday I plan to tell the AP I know about it. Because one of the teachers in Honor Society said he would write us up for a D-hall. I for one plan on keeping my clean record. So Im ready for monday. I cried alot after the teacher told on us and got the issue blown up. Infact it was Gangsterlicious and me together! We both cried, got angry at the teacher, and cried some more and waited for each other after our hearings. Gangsterlicious even pointed out how when we have our downs, their usually at the same time or its the same down. XD wow.

I ended breaking down. I cried alot. My sobs were so loud that they surprised me. I didn't sound like a kid crying but like a woman? (Or atleast a very older me) It did feel good to just cry. I watched TV till the feeling passed. I cried for my new losses, my issues, and my despair.

Skeleton has moved on. Im pretty darn sure that I don't mean two cents to him. Which is funny because when I was in that classroom waiting for the hearing I was just hoping he'd show up and magically hug me or something. I found out he more then likely has feelings for The Ocean's ex. Ew. It's like putting a cute dark nerd with a blaming hot cosplay babe. NO.

Old Rival was oddly rough (in a jerk way) today, ick. Electric blue helped me cry. Ahh!

Evil Spawn. She's very sarcastic, and she says things in a very rude mean tone. She says she joking...yeah right. Pfft.

My mom was actually nice over the teacher so happy OwO. She usually blames me...

Besides that horrible event my friday was what it was suppose to be. Chill and simple. Meh im off to bed. After a bowl of yummy coco puffs.

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