Monday, February 1, 2010


So much happened this weekend, how can I ever say all of it?

Skeleton and Me are back on 'unfriendly' terms. See 7th period gave me hell and I exploded on him and he reacted in defense. "Melodramatic Tramp." says he. I can't forget that. But I suppose I must. Gangsterlicious is upset of it all too. After all we are her two best friends. Meh....

I'm glad I got to miss 7th period so much though! We went to our Academy's today. Health Science baby! Can't wait for dissecting! Mwuhahaha I really hope this helps me become a surgeon

Tis was my cousins wedding Saturday! She looked beautiful! The ceremony was very traditional and pleased everyone. :3 I sat with two guys who had just gotten dump...we were all emo. XD!! The reception could've been better but she got her man, house, job. Day-um?!

I failed two classes so I wasn't able to preform with colorguard! And I got bashed at my our director and didn't even feel like part of the guard. The decision of quitting has since begun to stir a lot. I know I can't though. I promised myself I'd do band all four years. Ah I've told to ignore the negative treatment of the Guard Captain and the Director. *shrugs*

Let's see how tomorrow goes...

Today I spent alot of time with Gangsterlicious! Yay! :D and with Mohinder.....O__O

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