Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I like eating noodles!~

Everything has been mellow lately! Nothing major; or at least nothing I can't handle.

My Uncle died two days was a big shock because I never really talked to him. I mean he lived in El Salvador...just today did I feel a major sadness wash over me, I wish I had spoken with him before he left though...most of my aunts and uncles left for the funeral but we couldn't go because me and squirts passport is being renewed so I feel like I'm holding my mom from going. She keeps reminding me of why she isn't going and I feel bad. but all in all I know he is in a better place and that makes me feel mellow...

I want a black boy kitty. I want to name him Sebastian. After Sebastian from kuroshitsuji. XD ahaha! Mayn I feel like when I get older and everyone's married Im going to be that one girl who lives in a pretty house all alone with a black kitty XD jebus!

School has been fine though Evil Spawn and me don't really talk, at lunch I found out something major happened, she says its fine now but I missed it...I know I probably should be telling her things but I'm desperately wanting her to take the first step! But no...bleh. Maybe one lucky day she'll read then and open up and then I will too!

Today Doofus seemed alittle down, I noticed! (yes im proud for doing so!) Kudos for me XD I asked Kitty and she said she did too! Wonder what happened? Eh it made me think about how everyone but has their troubles and downs even if their the ones you least expect them too.

My guard pals and I have been planning to eat out everywhere in the area, is very cute XD we didn't get to eat out on monday so it's been moved to friday. I can really imagine myself hanging out with those four after high school *insert heart here* XD
We had practice today, but I didn't go. My mom was at the airport but I doubt I would've gone anyway. my heart just isn't into it without The Director. Pooy~

Ahhh today Old Rival and me shared a soup! It was sooo good! Our teacher gave it to us (we we're starving, this time me more then him XD) it even left my lips burning! Old rival made some cute faces though XD never really thought that I would ever think that Owo still odd I know he just sees me as a friend so its all good anyway ^__^;v I think a guy saw me looking at his noodle faces O///O oh jebus. I wonder..

AH! that reminds me! I need to work on my outfit for Anime Matsuri! I plan to go to it! Maybe Kamikaze but im not so sure...huu huu huu...

Aside from that I need an orange bad! We ran out last week v-v and tis about all!
Button be funny! And im writing a fic about the The Professor, Gangsterlicious and I XD so cute!

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