Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mwuhahaha! Mum's making me breakfast!

...Which is quite rare now-a-days. She's grumpy too XD

I passed my physics test with a 87!!! Yay!!! My grade is a 70. Perfect! Just gotta turn in some worksheets to make it more stable!

Valentine's day at school suucked! I was mainly waiting for school to be over for the date and to deliver my chocolates to Gangsterlicious and Whatatata~ (forgot if i've mention her, Whatatata is a guard girlie!) Since Whatatata didn't get me anything she wants to buy me a hamster on Monday. So tempting! XD but i dunno I'm still debating over it...

Anywho! That date was like I imagined it! The walk was great! I thought it'd freeze to death but my fingers only got numb XD silly me for not putting them in my pockets!! We talked so much
I loved it! We talked about the issue till it wasn't necessary anymore cuz we were both over it (YUH BBY)! I ate Eel Sushi and maaan did it hit the spot! Darn I forgot to take a picture x_e! Evil spawn bought ice cream too, yumm! We have decided to come here once a month to catch up and try new dishes! I love it cuz Evil Spawn and I will stay close now :3

I had visited before with my Japan Trip companions (which include a beloved teacher!) and we had befriended the staff there! It had been awhile so I wasn't sure if I would be remembered but I was by one! My dimples had given me away XD! He came up to me and shook my hand n all. I was flattered beyond belief when he came up to me a gave me a napkin with the sweetest message on it! Which included his number....mwuhahaha! He hid in the kitchen until we left XD so cute!!~ I ended up texting him, but sadly when he replied (after the restaurant had closed) I had knocked out T^T lets see how this goes?

I love Canada! Squirt and me have been watching the Winter Olympics! Woo!

Well breakfast is ready so I must go, tummys going RAWR!! XD

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