Thursday, April 8, 2010


I juuuuuust got home! YAY! *victory dance*

I got exactly 15 hours completed as of just now! Oh my jebus...*tear*

So today was a pretty chilled day, I even twirled my physics teacher aro
und when my sugar was giving me it's last bit of help XD

Lately I have been bingeing on candy, mainly twizzlers and chocolate! The only thing is sometimes (especially in the morning) I crave chocolate so much I go into a frenzy! But hey I see nothing wrong with that!

Today in class me and Old Rival had a moment during class .///.

Ah Gangsterlicious and me ran the Creative Writers Meeting! We're preparing for next year, hopefully reel in some more members! I hope Evil Spawn and Mama will come back since band UIL will be over soon! Which reminds me! Trumpet buddy was not here today nor will he be here tomorrow! I played fairly better then before (I'm the only trumpet player playing first), I just panic when we have to sight read. I plan on focusing back after UIL because by then alot of stress will be gone! Woo!~

Today I saw Gangsterlicious cry. She read some of the texts Brother sent me about them. He was a bit harsh. I felt so hopeless and wish I had done something better! We vented with The Professor about school! She kindly encouraged us and told us to not let our family pressure us with the molds they have for us. Ah...Ima text her to see if she's okay.

I cracked the code on Button's blog! Im some shiny metal XD!

Let's seee all that's left in my schedule this week is some test in english (not taking it seriously -__-;) playing the trumpet during a non band period and a small gathering at Evil Spawn's place, ACT and nephews 1st birthday (I need to get him a gift! But what do you give a one year old boy??) I should be goooood! Phew!! ^^v

Oh oh and mi hair! I got half bad and half good reviews! At lunch some kid loudly said "Look at her sex hair!!!" Whoa...O.o LULZ!

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