Friday, April 16, 2010

Day of Silence! Completed!

I did it with Button and Evil Spawn! It's a national youth thing for gays, lesbians, bis, and transgenders! :3 It was hard! In all my regular classes alot of dunces teased me and tried to make me talk, one kid even shook my desk v.v so ignorant! I had a flyer taped on my sweater so I wouldn't have to write to tell them why I wasn't talking however once school was over I concluded my day of silence. Nehehe!

In my 52 period with Old Rival though...things got pretty intense. Wacky of course was proud of me (he read the sign) and once again urged me to leave Houston. He seemed so desperate that it got me thinking about Temple University all over again...but anyways, Wacky's wife came (she's a sub on campus) and I got teased by them!! Old Rival happily joined but not for long because soon they began to tease us. Saying me and Old Rival should be an item. I know I blushed and made odd faces. Old Rival simply tried to brush it off or what be like "What?!"...but I couldn't help but wonder if he really is nonchalant about it. I mean Wacky keep telling us how he does care about me and it made things very hot in that cluttered room!! But whatevvvver.

That was the highlight of my day! Oh! And sleeping in 7th period! I was spared the misery!! *happy dance*

Once home my mother told me, my nephew had gotten worse. I really want to see him but she won't let me. Usually my mom and me don't do much together, but today her, Squirt and I went to Super Target. XD I usually never go to these places so it was, in it's own dorky way, fun! Like I walked around playing with a slinky...n__n

I restocked on some face supplies (-w-); and bought a small Harajuku Lovers perfume!! Different girls have different scents so I was happy that it was tiny, incase I didn't like it. I got Music :3 so far I like it ^__^

Ta da!!!
The other highlight of the trip was buying a replacement piggy bank for the one my mom broke. Though I prefer the other one, this one will most certainly do!

It's already in the old piggy's place TwT neeee!~

Anywhoooo! Aside from that tomorrow we're suppose to go fishing with my father...I really wonder how that's going to go...XD well gotta get ready! Hope I catch something tomorrow XD!

PS! Before I forget I have made a mini plan to write something about me on every post! Todays is: I only date asian guys. XD!

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