Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shivering through the night.

So my day was molded very early into the night (one AM) when a couple outside my house, literally, yelling at each other so loudly it woke me up. That took me back to some horrid events in my life and yeah I became that shivering kicked puppy people tend to kick even more. And thats exactly what happened to me at school! It was awful! However I was spared 7th period. I was thankful.

Anywho! Today was UIL for my band level. I got to see The Ocean in band. I waved at him and while trying to wave at Button too ended up messing around with The Ocean. XD I really like how close we are now XD which I'm really not trying to sound mushy!

The Ocean and The Sun both gave me a hug and I was even lifted in the air, I felt like a little girl getting hugged by her loving parents. Ahhhhhh! That really began to fix my day! Like you have no idea...

I mean I had class with Old Rival today and had our daily moment but I dont know...we have an odd friendship lol. I stayed in Wacky's classroom trying to stabilize myself. It did work abit until lunch was over and the noise bothered me.

UIL was at Childhood's school! (codename! ;3) I miss her! She was my first friend in elementary school and best friend until she moved in the 2nd grade. We were like the popular girls! Maaayn! I didn't get to see her though, she missed us by like 5 minutes! So Close!!

I sat with Sappy in the bus. (codename!) I think he still likes me lol. Ahhhh!! Oh well he has a gf! I have no idea how to react to that but just try to keep it cool. He is a kid from my band who tried to date me...didn't work out. He was too easy to control. In my opinion!

We got 2-2-3 in our performance and 2-2-2 in sight reading!! Band Director #2 said she was pleased. I was expecting worse to say the least. But it's a start for our first year in competition!

Today!!!!!! My milk bag arrived! Talk about great service!! I was very pleased with my purchase!

As you can see I have a messy room...XD but yeah! Now Squirt wants one. XD

Well I just woke up and now I have to get ready for school. Yuckies! But from a very bad day...I'm glad it didn't end as bad as it started.

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