Monday, May 24, 2010


YUSH! I finally have internet back! It was gone because we we're switching companies :/ but glad it's back! We have Comcast agains!

So Fishy went back into his regular lifestyle..he just was another jerk *shrugs* eh it happens no? The Sun as always is helping me and I'm glad when I can offer support to her too!

Today I presented a poem! I will post it later since my teacher has it, I got good reviews for it! :D I was so nervous but I was able to calm down and simply focus of it! Score!!

So there's a new fad going on in band! It's called Jumpstyle! I stumbled upon it one day after school when I entered the small band hall and like there was a line of four bandies doing it! (one was a girl!) They were in sync and it looked AMAZING! Because of the girl being in it I was like "I want to do this!"

here's a pretty good tutorial! I learned the first one today! :D I'm still a noob at it and all but I have hope! I think I learned pretty fast! o(^__-)O woo! It's a great stress reliever! Especially since..

If I don't get exempt from my finals and have to take them I KNOW I will fail them and fail the course. I can't afford summer school or else there would go my japan trip! AHHHH! So far I have english done and algebra II I just have to pass a quiz and physics...we have been having a sub so I'm dubious! Ah must make it though! YUSH!

So tis all!

Fun facts! 3! (since I forgot to put those in my other entries...)
1. When I was little I told my dad I wanted to be an elephant, when he asked me more seriously I answered a witch. XD I think thats MLIA worthy!

2. I wanted to learn how to break dance but prefer jumpstyle nao! WORD!

3. I have a superior feminist complex at times XD


  1. haha an elephant?!

    no it wont be makeup!

  2. Yes XD on my 6th birthday! I don't know why though!

    Make-up? :o