Thursday, May 27, 2010

Serious cool chick? Ehh.

Males be weary of this entry.

So today was my first day with the BCP. I originally didn't plan on mentioning what I was taking but if the Designer Student ( did then I can too... :]

First I'd like to say that I need it because my hormones don't function properly thus I need them so I can have normal periods like every other normal girl (among other things like my acne)...It took a long time before this problem was fixed so I was happy that I could finally fix it but then...

I'm a very free spirited person. I'm not afraid to say what I feel or think, nor do I let rules define what I do. However I do have morales..I come from a religious family so I make sure not to shame least not in stereotypical ways (like sex, drugs, etc. etc.) but in school I seem to have made that image of a wild girl. I have no idea how but guys have come and asked me obscene things, I usually just brush them off and go on about my day. This image runs through other girls mouths too...only my closest friends know me so I don't let that bug me either.

But what happens when the good guys stay away from you because of the bad image they think you have? When I realized that was happening to me I felt crushed...especially now that I have to take birth control. If word got around I'm dead. The image would seem even more real. Dang it...I hate it. My mum has it as a super dark secret no one but us two (and The Sun, Button, and Gangsterlicious) are to ever know. I hate the fact that I need it. Even my mum warned me not to use it for the wrong reasons.. ._.

Now I realize why it's so embarrassing...

Fun Fact.
I once bit into green play doh. I too fell for the temptation of seeing how it tasted..x]


  1. Ah, I was dared to taste play doh in summer school in kindergarten, he told me it was salty and I didn't believe him and he told me that I would never try it, I was too good to do something reckless XD

  2. Really lovely blog, great post!

    Cheers, Jesa