Thursday, January 14, 2010

Malice and Spite take a break.

Button! I made her shoe fly during lunch when it tripped me. XD best part of my day besides buying books *huggles them* the bookfair lady was from England; Yorkshire!! Oh how it reminded me...I love that accent and afterwards it came out in a sentence. XD My professors eyes popped out like "wha?!" XD haha!

So today I saw Prince and his Princess. I felt sad for a second. Then I was like "He isnt my real prince then..." so toodles! (easier said then done but I'm getting there)

Then I talked to Amuse today, Bug Eyes and him will be an item soon and oddly enough it didn't affect me. I think I just gave up on dating during high school. XD woot woot! It was about time I gave up XD

Anywho today at the Creative Writing Club; (Yes I love it and I'm proud) One of my ex flings/bf whatever you wanna call a three day relationship declared that he would run for a position just because I said I wanted to. My thoughts? I WILL CRUSH YOU. YOU WILL NOT WIN. I refuse to let someone take away my hopes for something I really do cherish!!! Me and Gangsterlicious want to be a team! Isn't that perfect?! Guess I'll just have to knock him down. He's codename - Poser.

Skeleton read a poem during the was soul touching. He glanced at me and for a spilt second I felt teary eyes. My felt my face contort. It reminded me of was simply....It wasn't even short! The blows just kept on comin'!

Today at lunch The Ocean was very quite. Sad and kept to himself...seeing him like that was "Sweet Revenge." I see no point in lying it felt good.

In 7th period I was pretty alone, I commented here and there nothing big BUT one of our AP's took Doofus out the classroom!! I was so sure I was going to get called out too!! I felt bad that he left. (Though you gotta admit he's way of leaving was pimpin') Funny I dont feel bad for my jerk of a friend but I do for a jerk who isn't my friend. Whoa? Besides The Ocean still isn't talking to me. Pfft. As long as he isn't rude I don't mind.

Lately oranges have been the most stomach filling thing ever, I drank spoiled milk last night. Yes I was so thirsty I didn't pay attention to the rancid taste. Gawd Jin v.v! That and I didn't eat since lunch at school, I thought I was going to pass out during practice (which ends at 7) I think I'm going to eat another one...I jeez I hope I dont sound like an old sour lady O__O I think I do...oh jebus XD

College....all the crap is coming up fast a race car. Im terrified. My rank is 151. Talk about shiz. I need to bring it up next year. My last chance. I have no idea how I will fight this but I have too. I have made my top three choices. One is out of state. (Journey's fault which reminds me...) but as Kandee says the most beautiful flowers come from manure. XD I feel poopy. Let's hope a flower will grow! XD

Journey! Well after a event in Algebra II I ended up finding something about Journey. I made me want to hurl because I was so nervous wrecked. I told Gangsterlicious but she didn't really know what to say which is normal...I told The Sun I wonder what she'll say...? The opinion of those two are like priceless XD like their my left ad right hand women. LOL! Funny because after freaking out over Poser being a butthole I was like "I need gangsterlicious."
"You know you just said you needed a female right?"


"Have you ever thought about being gay?" That mongrel. Which he is. Bwuhahaha.

Haiti! God help them! I saw footage n read articles....It's horrible but I admire them. Fighting to survive, punching bricks and slabs of cement to escape the pancaked building. I truly admire them. I hope that they are saving as many survivors as possible...

OH! I found a new favorite latin phrase!! "Quod me nutrit me destruit." "What nourishes me destroys me." Love it! Angelina Jolie has it tattooed in latin. Made me wonder about tattoos...If I were ever to get one I would get one in foreign handwriting and down my back. Those are so hot...XD anyways im off to eat an orange. XP

My entrys have gotten lengthy OwO

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