Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nigram Clavem

The title is the name of one of the songs from the OST of my favorite anime. Kuroshitsuji. It is beyond amazing. The OST is pure gold. A treasure....the music touches my soul!! I bet I sound like a drama queen but it really does...Eheh!~

Ah! I was glad that not a single tear was shed after what Poser did too me. I ended up reading till it all passed away. Was pretty rough though.

Today I went to church, a solid one tear managed to escape. I guess thats a good thing...though I wonder if I'll ever be able to cry again. Like tears actually coming out...

They sang me happy birthday! Though it was kinda forgotten T_\\ but I greeted a guy there who's codename is Box Puzzle. In our hispanic culture you usually greet each other with a kiss and ours was almost an actual kiss, freaked me out O_O I stubbled back to my chair and that was stupid!

Anywho! Button has asked for an explanation of her codename! All codes names have a pretty good definition to them ;] so here is hers!

Button: She can really be cute like one. Like a button has a very important purpose. She's always been there though I haven't noticed her all the time.

This your meaning! Hope I didn't disappoint! <3

A fish who caused a drama storm has come back to me as a friend who doesn't act like one, who acts like he wants more. Im being very cautious but we used to be tied quite closely together so this is odd. Hm.

Tis all! I'm all half focused since the music is taking my focus...<3

New season aires 31st YUSH!!!

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  1. And you couldn't write that in a text?! lol lazy, but it'll do lol. And no you didn't disappoint. :D