Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nom nom nom!!

Today! I woke up officially sick (was feeling a tad bit ill last night) and now I have the tired eyes and sore throat with a runny nose to match. Icky Ick Ick!!!

Today I got a gift from Gangsterlicious! A masquerade mask! So pretty! Then I looked up her video gift...
(The Shizz! XD)

I love that girly! We are so close when together is Poser sees us as lovers XD! HA! Ahhh today was the creative writing meeting, which means the Officer Positions were given out. I was given Event Coordinator. Poser is still running for Vice President against Skeleton. Me and Gangsterlicious were furious. Poser was mad for not getting President! Can you believe that?! That title alone is such a big thing!!! Ugh!! Gangsterlicious was given Treasurer (She's flustered about it XD) but now realizing what my title means, I embrace it as "The Boss of Events AKA the fun stuff" so I'm happy XD I just hope Skeleton gets that position! He's writing is marvelous....though he has cut off all bonds to me. That is fine. My heart is no longer beating.

Tis cold! But I consider it a good thing. No more bonds to any guy. Though I wonder who will reawaken it? The freshmen boy couldn't. Boy did he try though. I feel like it's my duty to belong to him though
even that is fading away. Aha! ^__^

Amuse and Bug eyes are together :3 Awe I can't help it...Im happy for them, especially her...I almost texted her but In the end couldn't. Perhaps I will smile at her...maybe that will send my message? XD Ah silly am I...

Which reminds me! Today I wore very heavy eyeliner. Ta da! XD

I resemble the Joker just abit...O.o! Was fixed and perfected by my Guard Girly Killer Tomatoe XD

I caught The Prince staring at me with his mouth slightly agape...I giggled. Must say I enjoyed it. (One of my code name peeps is behind me XD!) Ah I plan to do more crazy make-up stunts now. XD just for fun! Maybe the clown triangles next? Ahaha!

School wise I plan to get tutored sometime next week by a smart fellow - Mohinder (after a smart fellow from Heroes XD ahaha! He reminds me of him)

Which reminds me a flirted with a dude....OwO I liked it XD he's code name 'Old Rival' because back in 8th grade we would hit each other but now he makes me laugh and we get a lot quite nicely :3

At lunch I sat with Evil Spawn! Hadn't seen her in such a good mood! Made me very relaxed and happy ^_^! 7th Period was better today! Though everything I touched broke so that wasn't swell ._.;! Aha!

So that was my day! ^__^

During this blog a made a tower of dirty tissues. XD Ewwww!!

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